Working Out on the Web

by Ankur Garg
Working Out on the Web

Working Out on the Web

How the Internet can be your go anywhere personal trainer

The secret to weight loss has just been released. Grab your Snuggie, boot up your mobile device, and watch the pounds melt away.

Okay, so it might not be that easy, but in the era of the Internet and social media, learning how to get fit and stay motivated is can be only a click away.  There are thousands of sites, mobile apps, and streaming services that range from teaching you fundamental weight training to downloadable indoor cycling programs featuring the streets of China (seriously – I could potentially tolerate stationary cycling with that view)

With all these resources at our fingertips it can be information overload. It is important to determine your goals before logging in and downloading the latest fitness trend.  As with any physical fitness routine or dietary changes you should always consult with your doctor before hand.  To help lighten the technology load here is a quick review of some of the top resources on the Web I have found useful.

On the surface this site may seem like your typical meathead site but on the contrary there is a plethora of information for the beginning fitness enthusiast, if you can get past all the flexing. This site is for the person looking to change his/her body composition; lose fat and learn to build muscle. You can find cardio programs and weight training routines to help burn body fat while still maintaining muscle mass. The site features vitamin and supplement reviews and guidelines, workout video demonstrations, recipes and articles written by fitness professionals and athletes. is the social sub-site to It’s a forum to share your fitness journey with others. You can upload your progress pictures, share your diet and training logs and comment on others pages as well. It is a Facebook for the transformation story.

A downside to is that is it is for someone who has been to a gym routinely. You would need to recognize the equipment featured in videos and some of the advice on forums and articles are for the intermediate to advanced level fitness enthusiasts.

Check out the YouTube Channel


Daily Burn

Daily Burn is an internet-based workout video library, and not like the old-school Jane Fonda style workout videos. These streaming videos feature elite trainers such as Bob Harper and more.  From hard-core strength training, interval cardio, to yoga there are 100’s of workouts to choose from. You can access a workout from your home, various mobile devices; basically anywhere Internet access is available.

This is a paid, subscription-based program but has is a trial option available before you will be charged over $12/month for the streaming services. When you sign up for the free trial it will ask you what your fitness level is, body-type goal, and time in which you have to workout (from 1 hour down to 15 minutes). From there you are personally given a library of workout videos selected for you. Of course all videos are available but the program takes a bit out of the guessing game for you.

Check out this Daily Burn preview video

Created in 1997 by cyclist Lance Armstrong, the Livestrong Foundation is now known publically for its powerful brand and it’s commitment to cancer research and its survivors. The Web site offers expert advice on nutrition, fitness, and general health and wellness. The flagship tool on the site is the MyPlate application, a comprehensive food and fitness tracker offering one of the largest online databases of food. Users can also access their MyPlate on the go on with most mobile devices.

MyQuitCoach is a unique feature, recently launched by the site to empower and assist its users on a path to quitting smoking. The Coach offers personalized timelines, while also providing support through community sharing and motivating.

Overall the site’s central focus on eating well and staying active is meant to remind its users that these are critical components in the fight against cancer and other illnesses. The site is great for a fitness enthusiast and a beginner. It is easy to navigate and provides engaging content and images.

LiveStrong also has a YouTube Channel This is my personal favorite online workout from LiveStrong

Created by fitness expert Cassey Ho, this site started out as simply a blog to encourage women to lead a healthier, fit life through Pilates. In its inception, Cassey Ho posted mat work videos and reviews on different core training methods. Now her site features content on weight training, nutrition, recipes, meal plans, and even her own line of motivation workout clothing.

Cassey Ho is a bubbly, fresh face of fitness. Her girly perspective on keeping it cute while you sweat has gained her millions of followers on social media.  She also has over 100 workout videos uploaded to YouTube. She has built her fitness empire in the world of social media by staying up on the latest way to get information to her followers.

Blogilates is a fresh and sassy site geared towards women and helping them to achieve the body they feel amazing in and style tips to help them look good while doing it. To become a dedicated follower, her users must also be savvy in the world of social media to find all the valuable content she offers. Most of her site is completely free but she also has a series of at home Pilates DVDs available for sale.

Here is Cassey’s most popular video on the Blogilates YouTube Channel

        ExRx (Exercise Prescription on the Net) is a fundamental site, void of the glitz and flash media that most sites have now a days. However, this site really is a fitness and nutrition encyclopedia. There are professional and peer reviewed journals regarding any trend in the health and fitness industry. If you are looking to learn the science behind the way to a healthier lifestyle this is the site for you. There is also a “Beginners” tab on the left on the main page that directs you everything you would need to get started on a workout routine without having to step foot in a gym.  There are even calculators that help you to determine your health age, daily caloric requirements, and body composition

Some of the downsides to the site are its lackluster design and layout. You aren’t gaining much motivation from active people or images of good for you foods. Also the site can be troublesome if you are just navigating and didn’t arrive at the site with a purpose. It truly is an encyclopedia; you have to know what you are looking up to find any information on it.

So these are a few of my favorite Internet things.

As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast I live for finding ways staying active can fit into my busy schedule or my clients’ busy schedules. I have coached tons of clients online with at-home training programing and together we use many of the resources I mentioned above.

Your results and goals do not have to be limited to the gym or 12 to 15 reps. Get creative and find a way to enjoy workouts that fit your life and hectic schedule.

If not, just Snuggie-it-up and binge through your social media newsfeeds because that’s going to be more entertaining than any workout routine you’re uninterested in.


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by Ankur Garg


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