PRE WORKOUT (Formally known as AUX™) was designed to increase your metabolic performance and promote rapid recovery to maximize your workout. Not all pre-workout supplements are created equal. Some pre-workouts are created with synthetic caffeine and artificial ingredients, whereas PRE WORKOUT is formulated with a natural blend of teas, which provides a more euphoric energy increase when compared to synthetic caffeine. It gives you focus and drive instead of heart palpitations and jitters like synthetic caffeine.  This allows you to have an explosive workout without the side effects that can cause you to lose focus. The energy from PRE WORKOUT will gradually fade away. PRE WORKOUT was created with total ingredient transparency in mind, with the goal of explosive energy, heightened focus, and an overwhelming urge to tackle any challenge.  Sweetened with stevia, PRE WORKOUT does not contain sugar alcohol or artificial flavors. 

At zero calories per serving, and two great tasting flavors, Passion Fruit and Watermelon, there is absolutely no better-tasting, jitter free way to get in the zone and stay there. Our formula is also gluten free, and suitable for all lifestyles. America's top selling pre-workout drink is perfect for beginners with little to no supplement experience and the recommended choice for elite competitors that rely on PRE WORKOUT to turn their zealous training into fitness achievements! With a new bottle design and delicious flavors to choose from you will feel like this is your first time experiencing a pre-workout that you will love forever. Unlock your full potential and enjoy the fact that this product will have: NO Jitters, NO Crash, and NO ridiculous heart palpitations!

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Watermelon Passion Fruit

When Can I Take AboutTime AUX Pre-Workout?

AUX can be taken before any workout, and can be taken in the evening. The natural from the blend of teas will gradually fade away so that you won’t be awake all night. AUX can also be taken in place of coffee in the morning or as an afternoon pick me up. Mix 1 to 2 scoops with 8 ounces of water 30 minutes before your workout and get in the zone!

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