Peanut Butter Eaters Anonymous

by Ankur Garg
Peanut Butter Eaters Anonymous


Hi, my name is Kyra and I’m addicted to peanut butter. Well not just peanut butter, but all nut butters. For a few years now I’ve struggled with this. I can remember back to 2008 eating it right out of the jar, a half jar at a time. I’ve gone through 2 whole jars in a week.

I finally concluded that I can’t keep this stuff in my house! I freaking love all peanut butter, and I think it’s best with a spoon! I love almond butter, cashew butter, coconut butter etc.

It’s been since March 2011 since my last nut butter binge.. if you are counting that’s a lot of months. I feel like I’ve pretty well conquered this and I don’t wanna go back!!

Here are the top 5 tactics I’ve used to become pb binge free:

1. Avoid the nut butter aisle of the grocery store. This is especially important if you are hungry, have not had a lot of fat in your diet recently, are cutting back on sugar or are feeling susceptible to a binge. You can strategically avoid this part of the store by looking at the sign and knowing exactly where you need to go on this aisle and literally closing your eyes as you pass the pb.

2. Allow a daily allotment of nut butter. At Whole Foods I buy 2 tablespoon packets of almond butter to put into my oats. I prepare all my breakfasts each week on Sundays so I’ll buy 3 packets of nut butter and spread them out over 6 containers of oats. That’s 1 tablespoon of deliciousness a day which I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to

3. PB2. Powdered peanut butter. It’s peanuts ground up and stripped of their oils. It’s got all the flavor with few calories and no fake sweeteners. I can put this stuff into shakes, greek yogurt, mix with water and put on toast or with an apple, add to oats, etc. It doesn’t taste good enough alone if you mix it with water to eat it with a spoon but gives a peanut butter flavor to whatever I’m cooking.

4. Get the right amount of fat in your diet. If it’s nut butter you are craving you may not be getting enough fat. I recommend eating nutritional fat (avocado, nuts, oils, fish, whole eggs) at every meal except post workout. This keeps my body happy and it doesn’t crave fat all day long. It may not be the case for you though so it could take some tweaking.

5. Stay well fed/ hydrated all day. You are far less likely to binge if you are full from lean protein and veggies every 2 – 3 hours. Don’t be scared to eat! If the calories are from the right nutrients, your body will get lean. If you deprive yourself of foods then it will want them more than ever!!



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by Ankur Garg


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