Gastric Bypass Surgery and Protein Intake

by Chanel Carter
Gastric Bypass Surgery and Protein Intake

For anyone considering gastric bypass surgery it is also very important to understand appropriate protein intake following the surgery.  Post-op, protein intake must be met and this can be one of the most challenging tasks for most patients who now have a stomach the size of an egg.

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most common bariatric surgeries performed in the United States. Collectively, bariatric surgeries are weight-loss surgeries performed when changes to diet and exercise have not significantly reduced weight. All weight loss surgery candidates must have between a 35-40 BMI (body mass index) and prove that they have attempted to make changes to their lifestyle to reduce their weight.  It is a surgery that the candidate must be well-versed in the process and understand all the options available to them. Most importantly you should have a clear grasp of the nutritional intake following any bariatric surgery.

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ABOUT TIME Nutrition, in an effort to provide our community with information about all facets of lifestyle and health; we wanted to introduce you to Tiffany, a gastric bypass patient. She is mother of 3 daughters, a student, and just started her own personal training business. Below is her insight into her nutritional intake following Gastric bypass.


Gastric bypass is the a surgery that when googled can leave a prospective patient clouded in very intimidating and sometimes contradicting information. When ABOUT TIME asked me to provide a first-hand experience I was more than willing to share.  The one thing that was said by my  surgeon is the importance of protein. In the beginning stages you rely very heavily on protein shakes and liquids. As you get further out you and are able to eat real meals you do not have to do as many shakes but you still have to get in 70-90 grams of protein a day. This can feel like a very challenging task when your stomach is the size of an egg.

In February of 2013, I made the decision that defined by life.  I had gastric bypass.  I knew that I had to change my lifestyle and that fried chicken and chocolate cake could no longer be my go to foods.

I did so much research in the beginning that I felt completely prepared. I have tried just about every shake out there and some gave me an aftertaste, some I got frustrated with because they lacked a variety of flavors, and one even put me in the hospital with kidney stones. Through my journey the one thing that I did learn was to learn what you are putting in your body. I began really reading the labels on all my food. I took nutrition course and became a nutrition coach. Recently I also got my certification as a personal trainer and I started my own business. I found that  sharing with others my weight loss journey helped inspire others to find their health and this has become a passion of mine.

Tiffany's transformation since surgery

Tiffany’s transformation since surgery

Since my surgery I have lost 140 pounds. I went from 280 to 140, from a size 22/24 to a size 6. I have done several 5ks and am signed up for my first half marathon. Bring it on!




A normal day for me is about 5-6 mini meals. I’m huge in meal prepping because  it really helps me to spread out my meals according to amount of food I can comfortably take in. Here is a sample of what my meals have looked like this week:

  • Meal 1 –  chicken/bacon egg muffin for breakfast
  • Meal 2 – 2 pieces of turkey deli meat with 2 pieces of cracker-size sharp cheddar
  • Meal 3 – 1 cup of turkey chili
  • Meal 4 –  pumpkin protein muffin  made with ABOUT TIME Birthday cake whey isolate and  a shake to go with it – perfect combo!
  • Meal 5 – 1/2 cup of chicken and peppers with 1/4 cup of baked sweet potatoes.

ABOUT TIME protein powder was and still is a life saver for me. I am almost 2 years post-op and  meeting my protein goals is still a necessity. Getting in whole food sources of protein is my first priority but unfortunately to hit the grams I would need the amount of food I have to take in is too large. By using ABOUT TIME as a protein supplement I am able to hit my requirements much easier and conveniently. Plus its light on my stomach and sweetened with stevia, so I am not having many of the issues I had before with other non-natural protein sources.

We can’t thank Tiffany enough for sharing all this insight with us. If you are interested  in more information regarding Gastric bypass surgery please reach out to Tiffany she is willing to share more with those who need more first-hand experience.

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by Chanel Carter


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