4 Secrets To Be Your Own MOTIVATION

by Ankur Garg
4 Secrets To Be Your Own MOTIVATION

Everyone deserves to wake up knowing they are AMAZING! At times, we all need a push to remember to be proud of yourself and how far you have come to reach the goals you have met so far. Here’s 4 secrets to be your own motivation and to always keep you on the right track!


  1. Don’t make yourself crazy over diet and exercise:

it’s supposed to be positive lifestyle choices that enhance our lives and makes us feel better! That’s the ultimate goal always, its a process, trust it :)

2.  Exercise:

Consider adding HIIT cardio to your training. This is High Intensity Interval Training – you can play with intervals on the stair master or even outside running/sprinting. These HITT sessions are usually about 25 minutes and they should be hard! The additional bursts of energy are a great tool to help lean you out.

3. How Many Times a Week Are You Really Training CORE?!

For the next couple weeks try to dedicate a 15 minute session to your core at least 3x a week. Try to have your core exercises be difficult as well; you should be sore the next day. When you feel like you can’t do 3 more reps – THAT’S when you finish strong with 3 or 4 more reps… that’s when you will start seeing results – pushing a little past what we think is failure!

Squats (or leg exercises in general because this is a LARGE muscle group!) about 3 times a week – also helps really transform many of my clients I work with. The leg exercises challenge us – anytime you can lift weights – incorporated with your cardio – this is a great way to help burn fat

4. As far as Diet & Nutrition go – Lots of water always!

You should be peeing every 2 hours. Also, try to have your last meal by 7 PM – waking up on a slight empty belly definitely helps us feel lighter in the AM. Low carbs is something I believe in – focus should be on sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice – lots of protein while your training too – helps keep you full. Stay away from anything artificial or processed! This is why I love AboutTime protein powders. Simple ingredients, sweetened with Stevia and no artificial colors or flavors! Plus they come in a whey isolate and a vegan plant based version. I personally like to eat about 5-6 smaller meals a day, eating about every 3 hours, and I am always really cautious of portion size (but I never measure my meals with a food scale).

** Another Secret Tip – Try having little bites of raw ginger throughout the day… it’s a major little ‘zing’ of energy and the spice in the ginger, I’m convinced – helps speed my metabolism.

**Please note the above tips are what works best for me. I am not a certified nutritionist; however the tips are solely based on my opinions, my leanings and have shown positive results.

“Stay focused, determined , and remember to be your own motivation!”

— Leslie


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by Ankur Garg


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