Your Only Competition is Yourself

by Ankur Garg
Your Only Competition is Yourself

Your only competition is yourself.

We all start somewhere. We all walk into a new gym for the first time, sign up and contemplate what future goals we hope to accomplish there. We start out really well, just trying to focus on

Lindy says her resolutions are " to continue to stay healthy, and put a little more fun back into my training each day"

Lindy says her resolutions are ” to continue to stay healthy, and put a little more fun back into my training each day”

ourselves and our own workouts, but sometimes we get lost along the way. We see other people in the gym lifting a certain amount of weight or executing a movement perfectly that we are too afraid to even try. As soon as we start comparing ourselves to other people and how we are stacking up- we are already losing ground on what we can accomplish.

Your only competition is yourself.

Every time that you step into the gym or head out to do your workout you are getting fitter. You are getting stronger and you are one more step closer to accomplishing your goals. No one else can do that workout for you. No one can go on a run for you, they can’t lift that weight for you and unfortunately they can’t do your burpess for you. You have to do that work yourself to get to where you want to be- so why do we compare our work to other people? Why do we get  wrapped up in what other people are doing, or accomplishing?

We create our own journey and we can expect results based on the work that we put in. Everyone is different and will progress at a different rate. The hard work that you are doing in the gym is amazing and you should be proud of the work that you have accomplished. No matter how small they may seem today, they will add up.

If you look on Instagram, Facebook and any other social media sites, the posts that you are seeing are almost all day to day success stories. What you hardly see are the posts coming from the days of pure grunt work – the fails, the misses and the hard days that every single person has. Anyone you talk to that has been successful will tell you that it was not an easy road to get there. Anybody who you think is, “where you want to be,” will tell you the hard work that is required. No one achieves their goals by sitting around and hoping they happen- or watching other people. Every person you see as successful will also tell you that they started anxious, afraid and also had many days along the way that they felt like they weren’t where they wanted to be.

You do not need to compare yourself to anyone except for the person that you were last year last monthyesterday. You are so much greater and stronger that that person. You have come so far and achieved so much already. Allow yourself to continue to grow. Anything is possible – all you have to do is believe in what you can do.

Today’s you is better than yesterday you. Tomorrow’s you will be better than today’s you. Do you and only you.


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by Ankur Garg


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