Why You Should Be Taking: Casein Protein

by Marissa Spade
Why You Should Be Taking: Casein Protein

What is AboutTime Casein Protein PM?

There are three essential macronutrients that help to sustain life and provide you energy. Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Each one has a purpose that benefits your body in a specific way. Protein is a macronutrient that helps to build and maintain body tissue and is essential to building muscle mass.  Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and muscle mass. Protein helps to build, maintain, and replace tissues in your body. Your muscles, organs, and immune system are made up mostly of protein.  When you consume protein, it breaks down into amino acids during digestion and does a lot to keep your body running. Your body sends those amino acids to various parts of your body to keep them healthy and to help them grow.  Blood is also made of protein and blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.

There are both proteins from plant-based sources and animal sources. Plant sources include brown rice protein, hemp protein, and pea protein. Animal sourced protein includes whey isolate protein, whey concentrate protein, and casein protein. Casein protein is 80% milk protein, compared to whey at 20% milk protein. Casein protein is digested slowly and is often taken before bed to help with recovery and muscle repair.  Casein is a complete protein and provides all the essential amino acids that your body needs for growth and repair. Specially formulated with tryptophan and melatonin, AboutTime Casein Protein PM helps you to sleep better as well.


What Are the Benefits of Taking A Casein Protein Supplement?

1. Promotes Muscle Repair and Recovery

Although quickly digested whey protein is ideal for immediately before and after your workout to help refuel your muscles after intense exercise, it is not ideal for before bed when your body is going hours without food. Casein protein is a slow digesting protein that helps you recover and repair while you are sleeping. It is essential for your muscles to repair and recover; without allowing them to recover you can become injured and it  helps to reduce muscle soreness.


2. Helps Promote Lean Muscle Growth

Casein protein helps to eliminate fats from your diet by altering it with pure protein. Muscle mass is built by the creation of lean tissues and by supplementing with casein protein, you are helping to build lean muscle mass. Being that the goal of working out is to either lose weight or become stronger, casein protein helps you to reach these goals.


3. Helps to Curb Appetite

While working out, the body burns fat at a rapid rate. This can also leave you feeling depleted and hungry. Casein is shown to curb hunger cravings and it is also a healthier alternative to sugary snack options. Consuming more protein can also help you to stay fuller longer and sacrifice those extra calories you might have consumed otherwise.


4. Prevents Muscle Breakdown

High-intensity workouts can cause the muscles to breakdown. Casein protein helps to prevent the breakdown of muscle through protein synthesis. Protein synthesis helps the muscles to repair and recovery. This also helps to prevent injuries and aid in gaining muscle strength.


5. Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Casein is a slow digesting protein and can take up to several hours to digest. Consuming casein protein before bed is a great way of avoiding the breakdown of protein and can help to stimulate protein synthesis. AboutTime Casein Protein PM is formulated with melatonin, coconut oil powder, and tryptophan which also help to improve overall sleep quality.


What Makes AboutTime Casein PM Different from other Casein Proteins?

AboutTime Casein PM protein is specially formulated to help you relax, recover, and sleep better after an intense training session. Formulated from slow-digesting micellar casein, coconut oil powder, tryptophan, and melatonin that aid in muscle recovery, help promote lean muscle growth, while improving your sleep quality. It is also packed with 20-21 grams of protein per serving and is only 140-148 calories per serving. Naturally sweetened with stevia and gluten-free, AboutTime Casein PM also has zero sugars, zero artificial colors and flavors and no growth hormones. Available in two delicious flavors: Chocolate and Peanut Butter, AboutTime Casein PM also helps to curb those sweet-tooth cravings.


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by Marissa Spade


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