Why Should You Be Taking: Fish Oil

by Marissa Spade
Why Should You Be Taking: Fish Oil

What is AboutTime Fish Oil?
AboutTime Fish Oil is a supplement full of omega-fatty acids that lets allow you to get your recommended daily intake of EPA and DHA. It is packed with vitamins and minerals to help support heart health and helps to improve brain function.  This supplement is derived from the tissues of oil fish and helps give us the fats we need.

Let’s break down the components in AboutTime Fish oil to see just why you be should be taking it daily!


Omega-3 fatty acids come from the fatty tissues in fish. Omega-3 fatty acids can also come from plants and nut oils, English walnuts, flaxseed, and fortified foods.  Omega-3 fatty acids help lower blood fat and raise “good” levels of cholesterol. There are two types of omega-3 fatty acids: EPA, (which stands for eicosapentaenoic acids), and DHA, (which stands for docosahexaenoic acids). Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help improve your heart health, boost your immune system, and help improve joint health.

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids continue to emerge and numerous health organizations around the world recommend adequate daily intake of EPA and DHA. Data continues to accumulate that supports EPA and DHA in cardiovascular health as well as many other areas, including neurological health, vision health, and joint health.

The omega-3 fatty acid EPA is the direct precursor for the prostaglandins, which are involved in a wide range of physiological functions. DHA plays a major role in the structural integrity of neuronal membranes.

DHA is essential for neurological and visual development and is vital throughout pregnancy to support fetal brain growth and formation of the retina and visual cortex. As the most abundant fatty acid in the brain, adequate amounts of DHA are needed throughout infancy and adulthood for ongoing optimal function.

 Key ingredient, vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is an essential vitamin that plays many important roles in the proper functioning of the body. Vitamin D is thought to play a role in cardiovascular health. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, meaning it needs a fat source to be absorbed properly. Therefore, combining Vitamin D with omega-3 fatty acids may help facilitate adequate vitamin D3 absorption into the body.

Why should You Be Taking AboutTime Fish Oil?

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to taking fish oil capsules. Taking fish oil helps to lower your blood pressure and slow the development of plaque in the arteries.  Fish oil also helps to improve heart health and reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm. Taking fish oil can also help to reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke.

Add some fish oil to your daily vitamins today: https://tryabouttime.com/products/fish-oil

by Marissa Spade


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