When should I take protein and how much?

by Stephanie Brust
When should I take protein and how much?

Question: When should I take protein and how much? I just bought the About Time protein and I chose your product because of the low caloric intake. I was wondering if you could provide some information on whether I should take it either before or after my workouts or both. I am 195lbs and my workouts are strength-based and cardio. I would also like to know recommendations on how many grams I should be taking for maximum results.


Answer: Thank you for submitting a question! I’d be happy to help guide you on using About Time protein to achieve optimal results.


The best guideline for protein intake for muscle and strength gains is to have good sources of protein at each meal (spreading protein intake throughout the day), which shows greater protein synthesis for your muscles. For you, that would require spreading out a daily target of 135-150g protein (1.5-1.7g/kg of bodyweight).


Having a fast digesting protein (such as whey protein) post-workout/exercise is beneficial for optimizing gains as well. At 195 pounds, I’d suggest intaking about 35g protein post-workout (0.4g/kg of bodyweight) combined with up to 70g of carbohydrate (0.8g/kg of bodyweight) for optimal recovery. Your body composition, health concerns/issues, and lifestyle should be considered for specific recommendations, so please use this as a guide and adjust as needed based on your results. 35g of protein would be about 1.5 scoops of About Time Protein.


Keeping your post-workout nutrition to strictly protein and carbohydrate (avoiding fat) will speed the digestion process, and the faster the better after exercise. A good option is to blend your protein with fruit and/or fruit juice or have your shake with another low-fat carbohydrate option.


Pre-workout is a little more flexible as you can have a balanced meal 1-2 hours prior to exercise. If it has been several hours since your last meal, you can certainly make a protein shake with a more even distribution of protein/carbs (25g protein, 25g carbs) and add a small amount of fat such as 1 Tablespoon of peanut or almond butter. This will help sustain your energy during exercise. 25g of protein would be about 1 scoop of About Time Whey or 3 ounces (cooked) of lean protein.


Resource: American College of Sports Medicine. (2009). Nutrition and Athletic Performance. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise , 41 (3), 709-731.

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by Stephanie Brust


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