Supercharge Your Metabolism

by Devenee Schumacher
Supercharge Your Metabolism

Often times adding on a few pounds can make us uncomfortable, lose motivation and even start sending us down the wrong path of negative thinking and depression.

There's no magic pill when it comes to fitness and losing weight, but we have so many options that can help us burn more calories even at resting periods throughout the day. 

Let's turn up the burn, get a healthy mindset moving forward and boost our metabolisms with a few easy steps.

First off - what is our metabolism and how can we simply define it. Your metabolisms function is to dictate how many calories it takes for your body to function. To walk, bend over, pump blood through your veins. digest food and to be the energy (fuel) source for you to workout. Each person is different as everyone functions differently. some individuals are more sedentary than others, some workout at higher levels, and some don't workout at all. To break this down simply, some average percentages on this are as so:

70% of your daily caloric needs typically go to make your body function

20% goes to being used as your energy/fuel source 

10% is used to digest foods

Understanding that our bodies require us to eat to function properly and to be able to lose weight is the first WIN. Too often do I see so many people who restrict calories, are underfed and they expect to see results, get toned and build muscle all the while they are depleting their system, destroying their metabolism and becoming angry and cranky at everything because they are so restricted and STARVING.

Here's our tips to help you boost your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

1. weight training - adding in resistance and weight training twice a week is a great way to start. No one says you need to be a powerlifter by any means, but if you aren't lifting any weights, this will increase your calorie burn dramatically. In turn help to strengthen your core and build muscle. Try increasing the weight as you train or during sets. for example- beginners if you are doing bicep curls, maybe start with 12 lb weights for the first set, 10lb weights for the second set and 8 lb weights for the third set. As your workouts progress over time, the weights you use for each set should go up

2. Protein Shakes and Smoothies - Ditch those vending machine snacks and load up on energizing protein smoothies filled with fruits and veggies. Not only will your body use these calories for fuel but they will enhance your skin, build your immune system by increasing levels of glutathione and reducing oxidative stress.

3. Get enough rest - when you sleep your body is rebuilding muscle mass, restoring energy sources so you can get back at it faster and have a more fulfilled workday. Lack of rest places undue stress on your body in turn triggering hormones that increase your appetite. Using a casein protein powder as a nighttime snack can increase metabolism, keep your full and help you achieve a better more restful sleep too.

4. Cardio - walking, running, a quick Tababta or HIIT workout will skyrocket your heart rate, increase calorie burn too. Try adding in a few 15 to 20 minutes sessions each week during the evening rather than sitting on the couch on watching television. It will boost your metabolism to stay revved throughout the evening while you sleep.





by Devenee Schumacher


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