November is National Running Safety month

by Lynda
November is National Running Safety month

On your mark. Get set. Go mark your calendars! November is National Running Safety Month.

As the the days grow shorter it’s time to reflect! On running safety.

“Be aware of what you are wearing,” Brooks Field Representative Adison Edwards. “Especially the darker that it is getting. Wear anything reflective. When you are picking out an apparel item. Make sure it has some reflectivity either front or back. We want cars to see you in morning and night.”

November is National Runner Safety Awareness month. To help promote visibility-awareness and to celebrate National Running Safety Month, Brooks is hoping to educate people on the importance of being seen.

“In morning right before dawn, cars are not seeing runners quite more frequently than we want to see,” said Edwards. “Check your apparel and if you don’t have any reflectivity – go find some.”

“Apparel helps some colors seen quicker with the eye than just white,” said Brooks Field Representative Sarah Swiss. “There is a whole campaign no white at night you cant see up at 1000 feet and that is not enough for a car to stop going 50 miles an hour.”

Yellow, pinks and oranges are colors companies are now using to catch the distracted drivers’ eye.

“We blocked the bright colors with black, to make it stand out,” Swiss said. “We want it to appear more human-like by using reflectivity on the points where car lights hit.”

Every 8 seconds a pedestrian is hit by a car, so before you hit the pavement, throw something on that is reflective and bright. The key to being safe, is being seen.


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by Lynda


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