Marathon Runners- Mad Clothing tips!

by Ankur Garg
Marathon Runners- Mad Clothing tips!
A half marathon is enough of a challenge without the added complication of improper running gear.

You’ve trained, tapered, and overcome your share of bumps in the road, but did you know that your clothing and gear choices on race day could actually hurt your performance?

Your running shoes are the most important piece of marathon gear you’ll wear because they support and protect your feet while absorbing the shock of impact from such a long run.

“Running in any kind of street shoe will not help you,” said Fleet Feet Sports Lauren Denmark. “It will cause you to have injuries.”

The weather on the day of the half marathon helps you decide on your clothing.

“If it’s going to be warm you can pair shorts with a long sleeve shirt and layers in case you need to shed,” said Denmark. “If it is going to be cold that day, I would wear capris, long tights, a long sleeve shirt and jacket. Be prepared for the weather.”

Layering running gear helps you to control your body temperature by letting you keep your muscles warm at the beginning of the run and remove layers as you go to keep from overheating. Buy marathon gear made from breathable fabrics that lets air pass through them.

“It makes a huge difference,” said Denmark. “Everything we have in our store will be Dri-fit, so it will help dry faster and you don’t want to run in a cotton t-shirt, it will cause body to chafe a little bit and won’t dry out.”

The extra features of marathon gear are just as important as the fit and the fabric content.

“Thumb holes are a big trend right now,” said Denmark.

Marathon and running clothes often come equipped with hidden pockets to store keys or music players

Some gear has pocket holders or clips to attach water bottles so your hands can be free when you run.


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by Ankur Garg


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