Jump Rope Workout!!

by Toni
Jump Rope Workout!!

Want to really get your sweat on!? Try this Jump rope circuit. Its a workout you can do ANYWHERE, home, gym or on the road as you travel.

I would recommend preparing a timer on your Iphone/smartphone for 1 minute intervals for 9 minutes.

Jump rope 1 minute casual pace
Air Squats 1 minute
Jump Rope 1 Minute feet together
Push Ups 1 minute keep your head up, chest down
Jump Rope 1 minute Alternate feet skipping motion
Bicycle Ab Crunches 1 minute alternate knee to elbow
Jump Rope 1 minute feet together
Mountain Climbers 1 minute
Jump Rope 1 minute alternate feet together and apart

***You may substitute with Double unders if you are an advance jump rope artist! :)

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by Toni


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