How to Eat Clean When Dining Out

by Kyra
How to Eat Clean When Dining Out



Hey y’all! The summer time for many of us is time to maintain our hard work and focus mostly on having a good time.  It’s a time to really have a great time with friends and family.  Usually our weekends are jam packed with parties and BBQ’s.  For those of us in the northeast it’s the only time we can really go out comfortably so we like to take advantage of it.  But we also want to wear tiny dresses, short shorts and tank tops so we have to keep our bodies lookin’ right to show off our bikini bodies!


This weekend I had lunch out on Friday, dinner out on Friday night and dinner out on Sunday.  I’m going to use my experiences with dining out to help you make good choices when you are out!


Friday’s lunch was in downtown Boston where I was surrounded by food trucks with BBQ, some of the best Italian subs known to man and amazing cold cut sandwiches.  Most cities have restaurants around that are known for their salads.  In Boston we have Sebastian’s.  You can design your own salads starting with your choice of greens, your choice of protein and then more fruits and veggies than you can imagine.  I had :

Mixed baby greens

Grilled chicken








Black olives

Bleu cheese

Fat free sun dried tomato vinagarette

It was big enough to feed me for two meals.


Then dinner came around Friday night.  My first tip for dinner is to not show up famished.  Have a protein shake with a tablespoon of peanut butter before you show up.  This will keep you full enough to make good decisions but not so full you can’t eat.  I’m very particular about where I like to eat.  I’m such a darn good cook that I really have no interest in eating low quality food.  When I dine out I like to eat fresh foods that I would not make myself.

For dinner Friday we went to Legal Seafood.  Because I was not famished it was easy to forego the bread basket.  I also recommend reviewing the menu before you go so you can make a healthy decision before you show up.  So make that decision and don’t even open the menu when you arrive.  When you can pick a fish dish that is a great choice!  Just make sure it’s not fried!  I ordered the seared tuna steak, sashimi style.  I also ordered the japanese eggplant and spinach with pine nuts and I cleaned my plate.

Grilled chicken, shrimp or a steak are also good choices.  Many salads are smart choices as long as they aren’t smothered in creamy dressing (get your dressing on the side) and places are making more and more delicious salads with apples, walnuts, goat cheese, etc.  Steamed veggies are another good choice, just tell your waiter you are allergic to butter or oil!!!  haha.. when they hear “allergy” they are more apt to hook you up!

Dinner was perfect and I was so full from all the veggies that the dessert wasn’t even appealing.  Another tip is to ask the waiter to NOT bring over the bread basket.  if you spend all of your time early in the meal resisting the bread temptation you will be more likely to give in when the dessert menu rolls around.

Saturday night was girls night.  One thing I like to do is wear a tight dress – if you are dolled up you’ll be less likely to stuff yourself because you know you have to deal with bloat from over eating the rest of the night.  It’s a good idea to split things with friends. I split a few sushi rolls with the girls for dinner Saturday night.  When getting sushi avoid tempura anything, spicy mayonaise and eel sauce.  You can also request brown rice as well as low sodium soy sauce.

We finished the night with cocktails and the best choice you can make in the drink department is vodka soda or red wine!  These are the lowest in sugar and with vodka you won’t drink as much.  Well, you shouldn’t drink as much :)  And make sure you chug plenty of water and a coconut water before bed and when you get up is a good idea too!

The key to having a better day the morning after a night out is to just eat a healthy breakfast!  Don’t give in to the cravings of fried food or french toast the next day.  Your blood sugar spikes so high when you are drinking, then drops so low while you sleep that naturally the next day you want comfort food as well as getting that blood sugar back up.  But don’t spike it again – just eat your eggs and oatmeal first thing.

Now I’d like to know – where do you like to go to dinner during the summer?

What kinds of foods do you choose?

Did these tips help you or do you have others you follow?

Leave me a comment below!!



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