How to change up the STALE workout

by Ankur Garg
How to change up the STALE workout

Toni West answers How to change up the STALE workout!

Regular gym-goers as well as clients of mine seem to have problems with at feeing bored or stale with their current workouts.  Yes it becomes routine…and yes it’s is important to recognize that the routine needs switched up.  Does it mean you need to switch gyms, fire your trainer, or pick up a new fad workout…..well maybe!  But I am betting you will feel reinvigorated with the same routine just by trying these:

*don’t try them all at once, space new things out week to week as needed

-Try doing your workout in REVERSE!  If you have a written pan fom a trainer or follow a plan online or from a magazine article,  try doing the last exercises first…those first few sets usually at the beginning will become more challenging all of a sudden!

-Switch  the dumbbells for straight bars, or vice versa.  A typical chest workout can’t be totally revamped by this easy switch!

-Every few weeks try combining your workouts into 2-3 super sets, or giant sets.  Doing a set of dumbbell bicep curls straight into a set of tricep kickbacks will fatigue both muscles in half the amount of time!

-Add in bodyweight exercises in between sets of larger muscle grouped yo get that heart rte pumping.  Do a set of 10 push-ups in between your leg presses or squats, or try free standing squats in between any exercise.  I like to throw down a set of 25 crunches if all else is falling me!

-Do a lite research on new exercises online, in magazines and from others who inspire you.  Ask that enviable body in the gym why they are curling with their palms facing each other etc!!  Knowledge is power.


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by Ankur Garg


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