How to BOOST Your Elliptical Workout

by Jana Braun
How to BOOST Your Elliptical Workout

The elliptical is said to be the “boring”, mindless machine that has no strong effect on an individual’s body during a workout. However, there are plenty of ways to fit in an intense full body exercise that only the elliptical can to offer.

To start, many people entertain themselves differently during a workout. Most break out the earbuds and allow music to take their mind away from the world around them. Some bring books or study guides. Others, like myself, bring their IPad and watch their favorite Netflix series or movie. Entertainment, however, is only a minor focus when working out.

After deciding the entertainment aspect, think about the goals for your workout. What part of the body do you want to pressure the most? What is sore from the day before? The elliptical can offer many different workouts that aim to work different parts of the body. If you plan on getting in a great cardio workout, I would suggest supplying yourself with a plan beforehand. There are thousands of elliptical programs to follow on the web. Attached is just one of my favorites from Snap Fitness that will fulfill your elliptical workout.

Forty minutes of elliptical BURN BABY!


Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for this workout to make it as effective as possible:

  1. Do not slouch. Slouching can create unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and back.

Even though slouching may make the workout seem easier, you will develop a soreness in your back and shoulders. Posture is one of the most important things to focus on during any workout. The point of the machine is to use your leg and arm muscles to push against the resistance.

  1. Do use the handles for a good majority of your workout. Pushing and pulling the levels will give your body the ability to maintain good posture during the workout. Using the handles will add more of a workout towards your upper body. In this particular workout, it suggests fifteen minutes of no hands. This will allow your legs to do more of the work, giving your arms a nice break from the constant movement.
  2. Do not repeat the same routine. As mentioned above, there are thousands of elliptical workouts available for you on the web. The machine itself normally has a few programs to follow as well. Repeating the same routine will allow your body to become used to the same resistance. Plus, living life with the same routine day after day is no fun. Shake up your workout a bit and have some fun with it!


After completing an intense elliptical workout, make sure to give your body a cool down. Stretch your legs, arms, and back to loosen your muscles so you don’t feel an immense amount of soreness the next morning. After the cool down, be sure to fuel your body with a yummy protein shake or a muscle recovery supplement.

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by Jana Braun


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