How do Protein Rich Foods Work in your Meal Plan

by Devenee
How do Protein Rich Foods Work in your Meal Plan

Are you receiving adequate levels of protein in your daily meal plan? How can you tell if you are receiving enough protein, and which protein sources are the best? The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention state that most Americans eat more protein than they need. How do you find the right balance of protein? Active individuals need to eat more protein than sedentary individuals as a body that is not active is not used to burning off fat and consuming the essential nutrients from protein.

Assess Your Lifestyle

How can you increase the amount of protein in your meal plan without it leading to an increase of weight? Individuals who live a lifestyle that doesn’t include physical activity are at-risk for several health consequences. Many of them will struggle to eat healthy as they are tired and do not feel energy needed to exercise. Monitoring your diet by cutting out fats and excessive amounts of carbohydrates will assist with weight loss. Increasing the amount of protein you consume along with daily exercise can reduce fat, increase metabolism, and improve your health. Protein has essential nutrients the body needs to function correctly. Using a clean protein powder supplement is a great way to make sure your body is able to receive the right nutrients it needs if you do not know where to start increasing your protein intake.

Too Much Protein

Like anything you eat, there is a recommendation for how much you need to consume. Too much protein can lead to health consequences if you are not careful. There are 4 calories in each gram of protein you consume. If you consume more calories than your body is able to burn, you can easily gain weight by eating too much protein. Excess body fat will occur as will an increase of heart disease and other health conditions. Too much protein in the body without the right exercise level can lead to dehydration, kidney strain, and increases the risk of heart disease. This is why it is helpful to use an all-natural whey protein supplement to monitor the amount of protein you consume. It allows you to regulate the proper amount needed based on your lifestyle.

Protein for Active Lifestyles

What happens if you lead a lifestyle of high activity? Is there a way to increase the amount of protein needed to stay healthy without increasing the amount of meat you eat? Many people prefer using clean protein powder as it does give you the energy and stamina needed to keep up with an active lifestyle. Protein helps the body to repair muscle and restores metabolism. Consuming a protein shake after a workout is a great way to give the body the energy it needs to go throughout the rest of the day, and helps to repair cells that have been damaged through the workout. Whey protein helps to promote a healthier body as it is found in natural foods.

Comparing Protein Rich Foods to Others

How do foods higher in protein compare to others in your diet? They allow you to consume fewer calories and benefit from sustainable energy. Foods like beans will help to fight against certain health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Beans will help individuals cut calories without feeling like their diet is deprived. Beans also contain high amounts of fiber, whereas meat does not contain fiber at all. The lack of fiber is why a lot of people consume breads and whole grains as they are trying to get the right fiber amount in their diet. Failure to have adequate fiber when eating meat can cause the meat to be digested quickly. This can make a person feel hungry sooner, which can lead to snacking. Failure to consume adequate protein levels can lead to muscle atrophy and can significantly impair the overall functioning of your body.

Protein and Your Body

When you consume a diet higher in protein, the goal is to change your body’s metabolism. As the body adjusts to a diet with higher protein levels, it will use a process known as ketosis to alter the metabolism. This will reduce food cravings and helps a person focus on eating nutritious foods so you feel satisfied sooner and longer.

Finding a Balance

Since there are pros and cons to protein, you must understand how much protein your body needs. Protein is a great way to assist in weight loss and lean muscle mass, if you are focused on healthier eating and daily exercise. Failure to provide the body with exercise and increasing how much protein you consume can lead to health risks as mentioned previously. If you live a sedentary lifestyle and want to increase protein consumption for weight loss, speak with your doctor. A doctor can provide general recommendations for your health and will give you a guide as to how much protein is needed for your body.

If you feel you are not getting the protein that your body needs, consider adding a protein supplement of shake from About Time. Our all-natural supplements work alongside a healthy meal plan to provide your body with the protein it needs for healthy living, helping you to better manage weight and lead an active lifestyle. Try an all-natural protein supplement from About Time today, and let your body discover the difference of the cleanest whey protein on the market.

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