Healthy eating can happen with small changes

by Devenee
Healthy eating can happen with small changes

Looking to drop a few pound? Making a few small changes to your eating habits can help start that process.

here a few tips you can start with:

1. Choose double portions of raw or steamed vegetables instead of a starch

2.Choose broth based soups instead of cream soups

3. Have grilled or broiled proteins instead of breaded and fried

4. Use a smaller dinner plate and wait a few minutes before going back for second helpings

5. Use fresh herbs and lemon and lime juices to enhance your foods instead of salt

6. Drink more water throughout your day- many times we are thirsty and mistake that thirst for hunger

7. Split 1 dessert between 2 people instead of having your own

8. Choose a “skinny” version of alcoholic mixed drinks. Choose a clear alcohol rather than an amber or a light beer instead of a regular


Losing weight and maintaining that loss is constant road. If you have the determination to live a healthier more productive life you will understand that this is a lifestyle. I try not to use the word diet or limit foods out of my daily living. Make better choices and understand if you splurge for cheese cake or full calorie sodas, you need to “extra” calorie burning on top of your every day fitness routine.


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by Devenee


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