Glory’s Corner, First Issue

by Devenee
Glory’s Corner, First Issue

I would like to introduce all of you to Glory Billman, a world champion figure athlete. We will be following Glory over the next year as she talks and teaches us of the trials and tribulations that she has went through being a competitor, learning how to balance life, eat well and stay fit….


Glory’s Corner-Jan 2013

Health is not purely image. Health is a state of well-being. It encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. Anyone can achieve their optimal level of wellness and fitness but it is a matter of commitment, readiness, and acceptance and love for yourself from the beginning. I am Glory Billman, Registered Nurse, ACSM certified personal trainer, diet coach, fitness model, and a world champion figure athlete. I sound pretty accomplished? Like success just comes naturally and easy huh?! Well I invite you to learn and become inspired over the coming months as I share my journey and transformation. Maybe you will find you are in similar shoes! I guarantee even if you are not, you will take away some great tips to enhance your fitness, diet, and vitality.  You will learn how to weed


photo 1 is prior to competing
photo 2 is first competition
photo 3 is rebounding about 20 lbs up
photo 4 is crash dieting to compete again
photo 5 is rebounding 30 lbs up after binging
photo 6 is competing as a pro healthy and happy :)

My story begins in my high school years where I found a drive for running and weight training outside of organized sports. After developing stress fracture in both hips from the copious amounts of running, I decided to increase my weight training intensity and prepare for a figure competition. I was never competitive as a child, even though most of my friends and siblings were. I more enjoyed the challenge against myself. This is probably why I was so drawn to the sport of bodybuilding as an adult. It is as much, if not more of a contest with yourself as it is against the other athletes sharing the stage with you. The mental preparation, the diet, the intense hours training, and the sacrifices made…all a test of how much YOU can take.

Well in the beginning, I was missing something major…mental preparation. Not prepared for the ups and downs of weight changes and body fat, poor relationship with food, over training, and managing life outside of competing. No one told me it was going to be so ugly. From a generally healthy young adult in ‘shape’ to a workout obsessed chronic dieter, I battled rebounding after shows, gaining up to 25 pounds or more of fat in just a few weeks and then crash dieting to lose it all repeatedly. In a year flat, I managed to ruin relationships with friends, family, coworkers, as well as destroying my metabolism. Miserable in my career and uncomfortable with my body, I had lost any sort of balance in my life. My hormones were screwy, and anxiety and depression started to set in.

Ironically in my third season of competing, after doing 7 shows (keep in mind this is A LOT of back to back shows in just a year), I was in my worst conditioning yet but won my figure pro card in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. Pretty exciting. NOT! My life was in shambles and bodybuilding had become my only escape from my misery.  I had begun to realize a few things. For one, I was not mentally or physically conditioned to compete as a pro. Secondly, I just wanted to get healthy, repair my metabolism, and be ‘normal’.  I spent a solid 14 months of my life working with on physical and mental changes that allowed me to compete as a pro and win multiple titles. But even after learning how to train properly and developing a healthy relationship with food, all the damage I had done in the previous years had started to impact my immune system. Over the course of my pro debut year, I battled with some health conditions and illnesses, leading me to change my focus from appearance to being healthy from the inside out!

glory title

Never in a million years did I suspect I would become a world champion and sponsored athlete, be in magazines, make an amazing career transition, and be able to help motivate and inspire others to a better quality of life and wellness. Along the way I have met wonderful people and rebuilt relationships. I’ve become an advocate for natural health care and natural foods.  I have found happiness and peace, but also discovered found we are always working on balance.  A positive attitude change and taking control of my environment has made all the difference.  It’s all about practice, practice, practice. Being mindful.  Being in control of your thoughts.  So follow my journey as I lead you through the details of each my trials, teach you how to make the changes you need for a better body, and start your own journey. Look forward to the future and the positive outcomes you can create for your well being.


Glory Billman, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, RN, and Diet Coach

WNBF Figure Pro and About Time Sponsored Athlete

glory magazine

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by Devenee


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