Chakras, uh, Shock What?

by Renee
Chakras, uh, Shock What?

Chakras, uh, Shock What?

A common Chakra chart that may look familiar to you

A common Chakra chart that may look familiar to you

In 2014, I attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a successful, growing Pittsburgh corporation.  During the event, the CEO, with whom I had been doing Intuitive Consultations for five years, was introducing me to some of his guests.

During an introduction a guest cordially asked me, “So what do you do?”  Without skipping a beat, the CEO enthusiastically answered on my behalf, “She’s my intuitive consultant and she balances my chakras!

The man’s expression glazed with confusion–If his thoughts could speak, was he thinking, “She shocks you!?  How? With what?”  The CEO had no intention for the guest to feel awkward or confused.  Therefore, given this experience and subsequent inquiries about chakras, here is information that will shed some light.

Wheels of Light

There is an electromagnetic field of energy which surrounds and penetrates your body called the Human Energy Field.  Spiritual, mental and emotional experiences are encoded in your energy field.  (Scientific studies are now proving the existence of our electromagnetic field and the influence of intention.)

Energy flows through the energy field through numerous fine channels, called “nadis,” which are also composed of energy.  The energy hub where these nadis cross are energy centers called “chakras.”  Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “Wheel of Light”. Chakras direct the energy which vitalizes nerves, glands and ultimately all of the structures of the body.


Chakra chart deigned by Artist Kim Dryer. Available for purchase at 

Aspects of Consciousness

As aspects of consciousness, Chakras hold our subconscious patterning. They act as recording centers imprinting memories, traumas, unexpressed feelings and belief patterns. When they become blocked by the “issues we are holding in our tissues” disease and imbalances can occur. As chakras become clear and vital, we become clear and vital.

Each intuitive develops their own model of how they interpret the human energy field, based on their level of consciousness. These energy impressions form an energy language, which carries literal and symbolic information that a can be read by a trained intuitive.  My intention is to identify and release imbalances in order to enhance your clarity and vitality.

Blocked Flow and Shifts

How do we know when our energy is blocked?  Disruptions occur with injuries and physical wounds, emotional wounds, stress, trauma, as well as MRI’s, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Signs of emotional disruptions include feeling fear, guilt, shame, anger, being judgmental or feeding addictions.  When I work with motivated people ready for a shift, I work with intention, love and Source energy.  A shift allows new experiences to come into your life, such as vital health, loving relationships and financial well being.

Windex and A Loving Universe

When we experience a disruption or block, it is the Universe’s way of loving us so much that it is revealing the smudges in our field, so we can choose with awareness to remove them or not.  It’s like using Windex on our windows to view life through clarity instead of  through the smudges.  The evolution of humanity is now in the age of consciousness.  Our aim is to awaken to our spiritual self and to live more consistently in love, gratitude, ease, peace and joy.

VIDEO VIEWING: For a basic, yet fun, explanation of chakras, here is a Youtube children’s cartoon.

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by Renee


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