Build your back yard body

by Chanel Carter
Build your back yard body

Build Your Backyard Body

By Chanel Collette

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Body weight training is often overlooked when beginning most strength training programs. Often your own weight provides enough resistance for a good sweat session. Summer is quickly approaching so the warmer weather means you can take most of your workouts to your backyard  – for a hassle free and no equipment necessary workout.

The key to starting any new strength-training program is the idea of progressive training, which is planning a series of exercises that build strength through lifting progressively heavier weight or more challenging movements. Your body weight can serve as the foundation for starting any strength-training program. So before you pick up the iron, or use machines at the gym; walk out your backdoor and master these five functional body weight exercises.  Be sure to check out the workout cards for some quick progressive workout routines.


1.)  PUSH-UP

  • Muscles targeted – Chest, Triceps and Shoulders
  • Other benefits – core and low back stabilization
  • Practice modified push-ups on your knees and progress to various challenging positions using different elevations and hand or feet position such as the triangle or single-leg push-ups.

2.)  SQUAT

  • Muscles targeted – Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus
  • Other benefits – core stabilization, improved ankle and hip mobility
  • Modified squats can be performed against a wall for beginners and progressive movements can be created with various foot position and added plyometric (jumping) movements.

3.)  SIT UPS

  • Muscles targeted – Abdominal region
  • Other benefits – low back stabilization and improved posture
  • Increase difficulty changing range of motion and leg position


4.)  PLANK

  • Muscle target – Core (abdominal and low back)
  • Other benefits – Shoulder and quadriceps stabilization
  • Practice modified planks on your knees and progress to different hand and feet positioning such as reverse planks and side planks. Changes in duration can also increase difficulty.


  • Muscles targeted – Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Gluteus Maximus
  • Other benefits – core stabilization, hip and ankle flexibility
  • Begin with stationary squats and progress to walking lunges, and /or reverse lunges. To increase difficulty plyometric movements can be incorporated as well as changes in foot elevation.

Here are some quick print n’ save workout cards that use the movements above. Laminate them and keep them somewhere you will see them everyday as a reminder that your summer body can be built in your backyard.

Build your back yard body

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by Chanel Carter


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