Build that HOT Summer Body

by Ankur Garg
Build that HOT Summer Body

Summer is officially here and with it comes vacations, more time spent outside and maybe even hurricane days. As a matter of fact as I write this, I am watching a tropical storm outside my Tampa apartment.Luckily it’s not bad, but sometimes this kind of weather can keep us at home and out of the gym. Or on a more positive note, perhaps you are traveling with no access to a gym or you just don’t wanna be inside. So here are five of the hottest moves you can do without any equipment necessary to build that HOT summer body:


  1. Pull ups. Okay, maybe you need some equipment here, but look around you. If there are monkey bars, a swing set or even a low deck you can grab onto, you can get in some pullups.


Don’t have pull ups yet? No problem. Check out my blog here on how to master the pull up:


  1. Crow pose. This utilizes the same amount of core work, if not more, as a plank. It’s a good one to hold for time and will have your shoulders and arms burning as well too.


To start, bring your hands flat to the floor and your knees in as close to your chest as possible so you can tip toe as high onto your toes as possible while placing your knees on each tricep. Maybe you elevate your feet off the ground, maybe not. But you have to keep your core as tight as possible while you are trying.


Build that HOT summer bodybuild that hot summer body


  1. Burpee broad jump. This is a combo move that uses the whole body and increases the heart rate. Chest to deck burpees force you to use your upper body to propel you off the ground, then jumping out as far as possible is such an explosive movement in the legs.


  1. Swimmers, or back extensions alternating arms and legs. These are great because they awaken the posterior chain which is part of our core and the major player behind protecting our spine.


Start by lying flat on your stomach and lifting your left leg and right arm at the same time. Then switch to the other sides. Continue to alternate for desired reps.


What’s also beneficial about these is that they get your glutes and hamstrings to fire, but they also increase body awareness by moving opposing sides of the body simultaneously.


  1. Plyometric or jumping lunges. These are going to get you sweating. They are probably the lease fun of the bunch because they are the toughest. But they increase explosivness in our legs and increase heart rate like crazy.


Plus, doing single leg or single arm work is important to our bodies to create stability in the joints.

Based on the exercises, here’s an idea of a circuit you can try next time you’re outside enjoying the beautiful day, or even if you’re in the gym and want to get in a quickie workout before you hit the beach:


Five rounds:

10 swimmers, each side

8 burpee broad jumps

30 second crow pose hold

8 pull ups

10 plyo lunges, each leg

Oh, and don’t forget to recover with a Pro-Hydrate when you’re done!

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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by Ankur Garg


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