Benefits of Pre-Workout Caffeine

by Ankur Garg
Benefits of Pre-Workout Caffeine


Why Take Pre-Workout?

            Pre-workout is used to give you extra energy to complete a workout. It’s a slightly controversial supplement, because many argue thank consuming caffeine before a workout may not be safe. We’re going to see if we can debunk that myth for you.


Negatives of Pre-Workout

First, we’ll cover the negative arguments:

  •  It can have a diuretic effect, which can lead to cramping if you aren’t well hydrated
  • It can increase heart rate (so if you already have a high heart rate or are not well conditioned this is probably a bad idea for you)
  •  It can make you nauseous, have difficulty breathing, cause anxiety, and make you jittery. So if you are very sensitive to caffeine, pre-workout is probably not a good time to consume it, if ever.


Benefits of Pre-Workout

Here are some of the positive arguments:

  • It stimulates the nervous system so it will increase mental focus, energy production and acuity.
  •  According to “it reduces reaction time to physical and visual stimuli, increases the heart and respiratory rates, and may decrease symptoms of depression. The level of stimulation varies depending on several factors, including the amount used, the level of tolerance a person must caffeine (as seen with habitual caffeine users), metabolism, and other drug use. The increased energy and focus could certainly benefit the athlete going into a strenuous workout. There are some side effects to consider, however.”


Will Pre-Workout Keep Me Up After an Evening Workout?

Not AboutTime Pre-Workout! Our pre-workout is unique beyond the fact that it too is not filled with artificial ingredients like many of the others you will see on the market. When looking at a typical pre-workout, you will see a lot of caffeine, sugar or artificial sugar to give you that boost. Many give you much more than a “boost”; you may begin to feel a bit itchy and shaky. What is happening is nitric oxide is being produced and pumping blood into the muscles, which is a good thing, but should be in moderate amounts. In the AboutTime pre-workout, we use a natural form energy obtained from beet powder.  Naturally sweetened again with stevia, this product is great for both genders. If you are sensitive to any kind of added energy or caffeine.

AboutTime Protein Plus Coffee is a great alternative to pre-workout as well.  It is a delicious blend of our nonGMO, soy free whey isolate protein and Mexican coffee. Each serving contains 60mg of caffeine and is perfect for a pre-or post workout and also as a midday snack.

by Ankur Garg


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