Before you eat that…READ THE LABEL!

by Glory
Before you eat that…READ THE LABEL!

So, now that you know what ‘macros’ are,you are going to need to know how to find them on a label and how to apply the information you read. Before you eat that…READ THE LABEL! To make it easy use these steps:

1. Find serving size and number of servings at the top of the label. Everything on the label will pertain to the single serving size. Most labels should give common measurements, but be aware of misleading info. Some manufacturers specify if the measurement is cooked or uncooked . This could make a big difference in the amount you eat. The number of serving is how many per container.


2. The next section contains your macro nutrients, micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and calorie content. These numbers are given per serving in grams or milligrams. The percentage on the label tells you what percentage each macro nutrient per serving is in relation to recommended calories per day. The standard recommended calories is usually 2000 per day. You can find this in small print somewhere on the label as well. Keep in mind not everyone has the same daily caloric needs so you need to be able to apply what you are reading to your diet.

3. The last part to read on the label is the ingredients. This is listed on the bottom or to the side of the nutrition facts. Ingredients are listed in order of predominance in the food, meaning the last ingredients in the last may be minimal in content. Some important words to be aware of when reading labels that may decrease the nutritional value of a food are:
partially hydrogenated
trans fat
high fructose corn syrup
modified corn starch
Sodium Nitrite
These are just a few from a long list. If you are unsure of something, best bet is to avoid purchasing that item. a good rule of thumb to follow: The less ingredients, the less processed, and the better to consume. This label from About Time only contains 4 ingredients:)

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by Glory


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