5 Outdoor Activities to Cure Spring Fever

by Marissa Spade
5 Outdoor Activities to Cure Spring Fever
IT’S OFFICIAL! Spring has arrived and I don’t know about you, but at AboutTime we are more than ready to break out our summer clothes and get some MUCH needed sunshine!  After months of hibernating inside the gym, it is so refreshing to get a nice change of scenery and challenge your body with something different than the same routine you’ve been doing all winter. In hopes that the warm weather is going to come a little faster, we put together some great outdoor activities that you can swap out for your daily work out and get some Vitamin D while enjoying nature!



Hiking is a fantastic way to get a full body workout and can also double as a fun adventure. During your hike, you are given the chance to observe nature while burning calories which is a overall win-win in our book! Hiking also increases your energy level, elevates your mood, increases bone density, alleviates restless nights, and provides you with a dose of Vitamin D. With so many benefits, it is a great swap to a workout in the gym.



  Spend a day on the water while challenging your body with this upper body and core workout. Every stroke you take while kayaking works your back muscles, chest muscles, and shoulders. Not only does kayaking strengthen your upper body, it works your core muscles as well.  You are constantly rotating your core, giving your abdominal muscles and obliques a heavy workout. This isn’t a just lazy boat tour along the river, this is a kick-glutes type workout that you get while enjoying some beautiful scenery outdoors!


 Cycling is a low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere. Going outside and ridding can increase strength and endurance while also decreasing body fat.  Not only is it beneficial for endurance, cycling can also increase your length strength, and incorporates your upper body including your chest, back, triceps, shoulders. Aside from physical benefits, cycling has many health benefits as well. Decreases stress levels, improves posture, good for stabilization and coordination, reduced anxiety and depression.



  Okay I know, I know… tennis is a sport, not your basic outdoor activity like taking a walk or going on a bike ride. However, tennis is a great activity that can help you burn calories and fat, along with multiple benefits. Playing tennis improves your aerobic and anaerobic health, and improves your bone structure. It boosts your mood, gets your heart rate up, and improves your discipline, flexibility, balance and coordination. Your body is getting a full workout, a whole package of benefits, all while playing a little competitive game of tennis. It’s a fun spring or summer activity that gets you moving outside!



There are so many benefits to swimming as a workout. Since water is denser than air, swimming is more effective at toning your muscles than another or exercise on land. You can work out longer with less pain and strain on your body, while strengthening your endurance and stamina. Swimming can also be therapeutic and relaxing for your mental health as well. While you swim, you are working all your muscles simultaneously. Swimming is a favorite childhood activity for some, it would be fun to switch a workout out for swimming and get back to the days you spent endless hours in the water!


There are a lot of creative ways to take your workout outside! Grab some friends and get creative with it! Don’t forget to rest and recover after each workout!
by Marissa Spade


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