4 Nutrient Packed Meals for Improved Muscle Recovery

by Devenee
4 Nutrient Packed Meals for Improved Muscle Recovery

You’ve put in a vigorous workout, you feel good about it and you’re ready to eat. You may be in a rut with the same meals over and over. However, there are lots of interesting meals you can try that are not only tasty but help to accelerate your muscle recovery post workout. With so many nutrients that are important in muscle recovery, you should brush up on how supplements can aid in healthy muscle recovery. Here are some meal suggestions if you’re looking to speed up your muscle recovery after an intense workout.


Whole grain wraps are chock full of good carbohydrates, so stuff them with turkey or chicken sandwich with a bowl of soup on the side, suggests Men’s Fitness. Perfect for your lunch break at work, you can take these sandwiches on the go and still get the nutrition you need. This gives you the necessary protein for active lifestyles that you crave.

Whole Grain Cereal

You may not think of cereal as a meal, but it can stand in as one if you’re in a pinch. It’s important to choose a cereal that’s rich in fiber and protein, which helps to give your muscles the energy stores they need. Have it with milk or sprinkle it on some yogurt.


Making for an excellent post-workout meal, eggs provide the necessary protein and zinc you need to kick start your metabolism and help with immunity, along with Vitamin B12 to support cell production, according to Cooking Light. Scramble up some eggs and add in some spinach, red pepper and smoked mozzarella, which all help restore tired muscles, and then place it on a whole grain English muffin.


As a perfect source of protein and omega-3s, salmon makes a healthy post-workout meal in the evening along with some steamed veggies and brown rice. Try a maple grilled salmon for added flavor. This meal is long-lasting and will help you avoid the late-night munchies. Best of all, you can save any leftovers for lunch the next day over a salad.

Important Nutrients and Supplements

Sometimes you just can’t get the nutrition you need with food alone. This is where a natural protein supplement will come in handy. There are a few essential nutrients you should consume after a good workout. They include whey protein, casein protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), fast-digesting carbs, creatine and beta-alanine, says Muscle and Fitness.

Protein powder for muscle recovery is essential, as it helps build your muscles back up. Remember, it’s best to consume protein and other nutrients within 45 minutes of your workout for the best chances of absorption. Your muscles keep extra energy handy through glycogen and protein but when you workout, glycogen is broken down and stored, with muscle protein taking a nose dive within just a couple of hours. Restore the mass to your depleted muscles through healthy foods like those above. Consider a natural protein supplement for rapid muscle recovery, allowing you to stay at the top of your game.

If your meal plan is not enough, consider adding an all-natural protein supplement from About Time to your fitness routine. With products specifically designed to help stimulate your muscle recovery, About Time can help you increase your workout efforts with confidence knowing your muscles will be recovered and ready to go the next day. Choose About Time and kickstart your workout today!

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by Devenee


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