When Cheating Is Worth It

by Ankur Garg
When Cheating Is Worth It

I just spent a few days in my home town of Kernersville, North Carolina visiting friends and family and celebrating a marriage. Before leaving Thursday morning I made sure to get in lots and lots of extra cardio and made the most of my workouts leading up to the trip in effort to EARN the extra calories. Thursday morning I started off the day with a jog with my pup and a really short shoulder and abs workout.

When flying I packed and ate my meatcicles (frozen chicken that thaws on the plane) and frozen broccoli. Airport food just is not very good and I have to drink extra water when flying anyway because my legs swell so horribly as it is. Thursday evening I went to dinner with my uncle, two cousins and grandmama in Mt. Airy, NC at this place that really had very few items to choose from so I had a burger and no fries. Totally NOT worth the cheat of having the burger and I should have had a salad with grilled chicken but I was so hungry temptation got the best of me.

Friday morning Ryan I got up and made oatmeal in the coffee maker and I forgot protein powder so I just had some chicken and prunes to get things going. We headed out to my old neighborhood and went for a two mile run and went to the park by my house and did 5 rounds of: 5 pull ups or chin ups, 10 push ups, 20 plyo lunges. I just needed to get in a workout before doing the damage I knew I was gonna be doing later in the day.

me running

Then I had to take him to eat the most delicious Southern delicacies so we headed over to Mama Dip’s Kitchen on Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill. It was so tough to narrow down exactly what we each wanted so we started with sweet potato fries and Ryan ordered the pulled pork, macaroni and cheese and broccoli with butter. I ordered fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and fried okra. The meals were also served with biscuits and corn bread. And obviously I washed it all down with SWEET TEA!!!


So we were chatting with our waitress and talking about why we were here, and how amazing the food was and she was so sweet and hospitable and invited me to come back into the kitchen to meet Mama Dip herself!!!!!


Yes… that was A LOT of food. Somehow I made it out without my stomach getting upset from the fried goodness, but I also know it was all high-quality food which I think helped. But here’s the thing.. you guys see me post day in and day out about staying on track and eating healthy but YOU SHOULD CHEAT. I mean, if you are dieting down for something like a show or a specific goal weight by a certain date then while training for that, you should not cheat – You should stick with your program. And I do believe in cheat treats and cheat meals when you are following a plan – within reason. Same for when you are maintaining. But when you cheat like this, it better be worth it.

So let’s say I’m at Dunkin Donuts and my man offers to get me a donut hole, I’m not eating that.

But let’s say my grandmama makes me pound cake, I’m eating it. (And I did, btw.. I have shared it and froze a lot of it though.)

When it’s worth it, you won’t have an ounce of regret.

If I were to walk over to my cupboard and eat an Oreo I would regret it.

I do NOT regret my meal from Mama Dips!!!

Anyway, after spending some time shopping on Franklin Street we headed back to the Triad to attend my friend’s wedding. Saturday morning Ryan and I got brunch at a favorite diner of mine where I ordered bacon egg and cheese biscuits with hashbrowns and Cheerwine – I had to get my fill of that Southern deliciousness while I could. Once again – no regrets.



9 times out of 10 food is fuel. But there are definitely occasions where food is the experience and you should never skip that!

– If you are sitting at your desk eating lunch food is the fuel you need to work hard the rest of the day. Eat your salad with grilled chicken.

– If you are in Italy and you go to dinner, you better get the greatest thing on the menu and dessert.

– If you are having your regular Wednesday night dinner, stick with a turkey burger and steamed veggies. It’s fuel to get you going the next day.

– If you are celebrating your 10th anniversary dinner with your husband at Morton’s steak house you should get a steak, potatoes and enjoy your wine.

The distinct difference here is that one is truly an experience – you will savor each and every bite. If you don’t you may live in regret. Don’t regret days or situations by making yourself miserable. If it’s your birthday don’t track your calories – who cares – have fun! You never want to look back on your 23rd birthday weekend with negative thoughts.

But you gotta earn it and burn it! So make sure you work for those cheats and after, you better hit the gym hard and clean up your act real quick and get back on track.

Now that I’m home I’ve batch cooked all my chicken for the week, packed up all of my meals, run 4 miles, walked outside with my pup and even did some hill sprints together! I’m ready to get this bloat off of me and I know that lots of water, Clean Eating and some extra cardio will do the trick!

So remember guys, you SHOULD CHEAT!!! But when you do, make it worth it. Work for the cheats – earn them and they will be that much more delicious! Don’t cheat with junk food, cheat when it’s worth it. Are oreos or french fries really worth it? What makes it WORTH IT to you? Leave me a comment below.. I want your input on this!


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by Ankur Garg


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