Travel Friendly Snacks

by Ankur Garg
Travel Friendly Snacks
We travel.  It happens.  Sometimes via plane, sometimes bus, sometimes car.  Here is a list of what foods you can bring on a plane or foods that you can bring on a road trip:
Protein –
ABOUT TIME protein powder!!!!  (The individual bottles are exceptionally convenient since you can just add water and go)
cooked chicken.. keep cool (I freeze mine and let it thaw on the plane then refrigerate quickly)
string cheese
greek yogurt
Buffalo jerky
Veggies –
spaghetti squash.. keep cool
frozen veggies.. will thaw and become edible (they also act as an ice pack for chicken)
canned green beans
Starches –
baked sweet potato chips
minute brown rice cups
joseph’s whole wheat tortilla wraps
rice cakes
cooked quinoa
canned pumpkin (won’t get thru airport security though)
Fat –
Nut butters (only the 2 T individual packets will get through airport security)
Fruit –
apple slices
etc.. just depends on what you want to slice up & put in tupperware

Don’t forget.. bring your own sweeteners too


Safe travels!






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by Ankur Garg


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