Survey Finds About Half of Americans Feel They Lead a Healthy Style of Living

by Devenee
Survey Finds About Half of Americans Feel They Lead a Healthy Style of Living

Recently, the team here at About Time asked about one-thousand Americans across the United States about their style of living. Simply put, we posed the question: “Do you feel you lead a nutrient-rich, healthy and active lifestyle?”


The results were too close to call in one direction or the other. A little over half of the Americans surveyed felt they do indeed lead a healthy lifestyle while roughly 49% feeling they could benefit from leading a healthier style of living. To fully understand the results of the survey, we’ve looked into the results even further, uncovering some potential trends in the healthy habits of Americans.

Healthier Living for Americans Young and Old

When the results of the survey are looked at by age ranges, an interesting trend emerges amongst the age groups.



According to the survey results, it appears that younger Americans ages 18 – 34 and senior citizens 55+ are paying much more attention to their style of living. On the contrast, over half of middle aged Americans (ages 35 – 54) throughout the country feel they could lead a healthier lifestyle.

A positive takeaway is the fact that many younger Americans are recognizing the benefits of a healthy, nutrient-rich lifestyle early on in their lives. Additionally, older Americans are doing their best to maintain a healthy style of living into retirement and beyond. However, it is still important to note that many of the Americans surveyed overall feel their lifestyle could use a healthy boost.

Parents are Leading by Example

Another interesting discovery within the results of the survey comes when looking at the potential parental status of the respondents.


Over 3/5s of the “Yes” responses received were from parents young and old. With their parents tending to lead a healthier lifestyle, the health trend in America is likely to continue as their children follow their parents’ example and shift towards leading an active lifestyle.

Overcoming the Obstacles of Healthy Living

No matter where you fall in the survey results, it is never too late to change your life around in favor of living healthier. Regular exercise, healthier eating habits and proper nutrient intake can go a long way in helping you lead a healthier and happier life.

However, living healthier doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges and obstacles. Many people are simply too busy for an active style of living, not finding the free time to eat well, exercise or carefully monitor the food they eat.

Luckily, there is a variety of healthy ‘grab-and-go’ options that can keep your body satisfied even when you’re in a rush. In fact, routinely turning to healthy snacking alternatives throughout your day can help you kick start your morning or battle that mid-afternoon slump. All-natural protein bars, fruit, nuts, peanut butter banana granola bars and protein-packed trail mixes are just some possibilities for a quick, but healthy snack.

Making the time to lead a healthier lifestyle is crucial for everyone. From disease and injury prevention to better mental wellbeing and increased energy throughout the day, healthier living has many benefits that can make a difference in your everyday life. Looking for excuses to walk around during the day, setting time aside for exercise or physical activity and keeping healthy food alternatives on hand can go a long way towards helping change your style of living.

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by Devenee


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