It’s AboutTime for EVERYONE!

by Ankur Garg
It’s AboutTime for EVERYONE!

The world of supplements to support working out and even everyday health can often times get very confusing. Some are used for specific workout intensity; some are to be consumed at very certain times in order to get optimal results; some are better for women and others better for men. But what about the supplement supply that AboutTime has to offer? As the nutritionist for the company, I often get asked if our products are geared toward women. The simple answer is, NO! I know the new sports bras our lady athletes are modeling are a catch, but when it comes to our supplements, they are uniquely designed to benefit both males and females in and out of the gym. This blog is not to be a salesman (or saleswoman), but simply to inform you of why our products are beneficial for both genders.

One of our most popular products is the AboutTime whey protein. The reason I was so enticed by this company initially was because of the protein powder. If you look at the ingredient label, you see a nice, clean, minimal ingredient list; that is very rare in protein powders. SDC Nutrition cares too much about benefiting your body, which is why we use non-GMO whey and no artificial sweeteners. When I tell people that our protein powder does not have any artificial sweeteners, they say, “Well it has stevia”. Stevia rebaudiana is actually a plant and the sweet taste is derived from the leaf (Cox, 2013). Even with the impressive ingredient label of the whey protein, that is not the most important part of why it is so beneficial for both men and women.

Not all protein powders and their amino acid profiles are created equal. The quality of a protein powder is determined by the amount of leucine it contains; the more leucine, the better the absorption.  If you take a look at our amino acid profile of the whey, you will notice it is the second highest amino acid consumed per serving. With this in mind, men and women would benefit greatly by consuming this product directly after a workout. It is going to be sucked up by those muscles very quickly, as they are screaming for fuel after being nearly depleted. P.S. Don’t forget those carbs too!

Whey Protein Chocolate Nutrition Facts

Now, if you are sensitive to dairy, you have two options as whey protein is not non-dairy, but lactose free. One option is, you can test the waters to see how you react with our single sample packets or two, you can try our vegan protein. Vegan protein powders like rice, hemp, pea, etc. do not contain as much leucine as we discussed in whey, but are still a great option. They are easily digested and if you are really focusing on getting those BCAA’s (branched-chain amino acids) in for the day, you could do two scoops of vegan protein to equal a very comparable amount to whey.

Lastly, it is AboutTime we discuss one more product and why men and women benefit equally from it. Our pre workout is very unique beyond the fact that it too is not filled with artificial ingredients like many of the others you will see on the market. When looking at a typical pre workout, you will see a lot of caffeine, sugar or artificial sugar to give you that boost. Actually, many give you much more than a “boost”; you may begin to feel a bit itchy and shaky. What is happening is nitric oxide is being produced and pumping blood into the muscles, which is a good thing, but should be in moderate amounts. In the AboutTime pre workout, we use a natural form energy obtained from beet powder. Beets widen the blood vessels, which allows more oxygen into the muscles (Andrews, 2015). Naturally sweetened again with stevia, this product is great for both genders. When I talk about our pre workout I always tell my personal story. I have worked out intensely for over 20 years without a pre workout.  I never found one (besides coffee) that was not loaded with artificial sweeteners. When I started as the nutritionist AboutTime, I wanted to have an opinion on the products in order to better assist customers, so decided to give the pre workout a try. Mind you, I am incredibly sensitive to any kind of added energy or caffeine; typically they make me so shaky I can hardly function. I started small to air on the safe side with half a scoop. About 30 minutes later, going into my workout, I felt great! I did not have that stimulant feeling, no itching or shaking and just felt an extra pep to my step. Is all the credit owed to the pre workout, no, but since taking it, all my lifts have gone up quite rapidly as well.

I know in this month’s blog we strayed away from the typical nutrition talk, but I wanted to see EVERYONE benefitting from the products AboutTime has to offer while also being aware of what they are fueling their bodies with. If there is any product in particular that you would like to know more about, feel free to ask me personally in our Q&A section of the website. This link will take you directly to it Ladies, it is not just your time; gentlemen, it is AboutTime for you too!

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by Ankur Garg


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