It’s ABOUT TIME We talk about IBS

by Ankur Garg
It’s ABOUT TIME We talk about IBS

It’s ABOUT TIME We talk about IBS


Why About Time is the ONLY supplement I trust with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome


April Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month and a VERY special month to me.  Anyone who knows me personally or follows my blog knows that I do not keep my chronic digestive condition a secret, but rather embrace it and use my transparency as a platform to educate others and spread awareness.


If you’re not sure what IBS is, it is a complex, chronic, digestive disorder in which an individual’s intestine’s do not function properly and are overly sensitive to external and internal stimuli, resulting in IBS-D, IBS-C or IBS Mixed.  You can educate yourself further by reading my synopsis at the bottom of the post or visiting


Simply put, every single thing I eat has a direct effect on my intestines and whether or not I will have symptoms – which is why About Time is the PERFECT protein supplement for anyone with IBS or other digestive issues because of it’s quality and minimal ingredients.


Irritants for IBS must be avoided to alleviate symptoms, and while everyone’s triggers are different, there are common culprits that across the board can create symptoms.  The offenders are: lactose, artificial sweeteners, processed ingredients and gluten.  ALL of which have a tendency to appear in most brand name protein powders.  I was experiencing intestinal distress trying to make gains using protein powders that weren’t meeting my dietary needs or the nutritional quality I was looking for.




  1. Easy on the intestines – FODMAP FREE
    FODMAPS (Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides And Polyols) are a group of short-chain carbohydrates that when eaten by someone with IBS, can cause intestinal distress. The reason is that they are “poorly absorbed in the small intestine, then rapidly fermented by bacteria in the gut” causing a slew of symptoms, depending on the type of IBS an individual has. (  About Time has NO FODMAP ingredients!
  2. No lactose
    Lactose is top contender when it comes to irritants for IBS as well as a FODMAP. It causes gas, bloating, cramping, or bathroom problems whether you fol.  Whey Protein is the best for making gains in the gym, but most brands contain lactose – leaving one to decide if bigger biceps are worth the bloated belly, BUT not with About Time!
  3. No gluten
    Gluten, like lactose, is a high FODMAP food, therefore if someone is following a FODMAP free diet, it needs to be avoided, even in small doses. Not only do I have IBS, but I have Celiac Disease as well – so a gluten free protein powder is imperative
  4. No Artificial Sweeteners
    Artificial Sweeteners such as sorbitol are poorly absorbed by the bowel and can cause severe cramping or worse, multiple trips to the rest room. It’s not so sweet if you’re in pain after every protein shake due to the fake sugar, which is why About Time is perfect – they use stevia
  5. Minimal Ingredients
    Personally speaking, the less ingredients a product has, the better for me, because the product is not overly processed and has no additives or fillers that could potentially irritate my intestines.
  6. I have not tested out all of their products for my personal irritant reasons but the following products have been Amber’s Irate Intestine Approved:


  • About Time Protein Powder – see below for a recipe idea
    (Top Picks: Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter)
  • About Time Paelo Bars – Brownie Flavor
  • About Time Vegan Brownie Mix
  • Prohydrate


Protein Mug Cake Chocolate Chip Cookie
1 Scoop Peanut Butter About Time Protein Powder (gives it a cookie flavor base, can use any flavor)
1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
2 splashes of Milk* – use enough so the batter forms into a paste
Chocolate Chips/Enjoy Life Dairy Free Chocolate Chunks
Optional Add Ins
Stevia/Sweetener to Taste
1 Tablespoon PB2 (Powdered Peanut Butter)
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder

1. Add dry ingredients (optional add ins included) to a mug or small bowl
2. Add in milk, or other wet ingredients until it becomes a paste – this took me about two splashes worth
3. Add in a handful of chips – push them down to evenly spread them out
4. Microwave for 20 seconds, the “cake” will RISE, when it is just about to come over the sides of your mug bowl, STOP the microwave, pat the “cake” if it is still liquidy then microwave in 5 second intervals, but BE CAREFUL – YOU CAN OVERCOOK IT, THEN IT WILL BE GROSS :)
5. Plop onto a plate and enjoy!

– You can use WHATEVER Protein Flavor you want as your cookie base to switch up the flavors
– This can be made with any milk alternative that suits your dietary needs
– As stated above, this is on the DRY side, it is NOT a moist cookie nor am I going to lie to you and tell you it tastes just like a soft and chewy chips ahoy, but it takes less than five minutes and five ingredients to make, satisfies a craving AND fills you up, double win in my book! To make it more moist, play with the ingredient ratios and try adding: applesauce, greek yogurt, or pumpkin puree
– Top with Wink or Ice Cream of your Choice
– Drizzle with any of my healthy and easy topping ideas:
– Chocolate Mousse
– Peanut Butter Protein Sauce
– Chocolate Pudding/Freezer Fudge (Dairy Free!)
– Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Butter
Educate yourself further by reading my post here or visiting

its abouttime we talk about ibs


Irritable Bowel Syndrome, known as IBS, is a chronic and unpredictable condition.  It is a functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by a pattern of intermittent symptoms.  Simply put, the function of a person’s intestines who has IBS is faulty and there is not necessarily a rhyme or reason why.  The faulty interaction in the nerves and the muscles of the intestinal tract, Central Nervous System, and the “brain-gut” connection is what creates a slew of super fun symptoms. No two people’s IBS symptoms will be alike, and neither will be their course of treatment.  EVERYONE’S IBS IS DIFFERENT!  Symptoms may come and go frequently, with short or long durations.

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by Ankur Garg


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