Infographic: Proper Protein Requirements for Your Lifestyle

by Devenee
Infographic: Proper Protein Requirements for Your Lifestyle

Depending on the way you go about your everyday life, the amount of protein you should intake will drastically vary. No matter what your age, gender, or style of living, protein plays one of the most important roles in your meal plan.

However, it is important that people take careful consideration of the amount of protein they consume on a daily basis. If your body is taking in too much protein for your style of living, you are probably also taking in an increased amount of fats and calories that could deteriorate your body. While it is true that protein has a part in nearly every critical function of the body, many people don’t need as much as they think.

How do I Calculate How Much Protein I Need

For the average adult (including the elderly) leading a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended that 10-35% of their daily calorie intake be derived from proteins. For women, this equals out to be roughly 45g of protein per day while men should consider consuming at least 56g per day. Most people should be able to easily consume this amount of protein with at least 2-3 protein-rich foods per day.

However, not everyone needs the same amount of protein. Depending on your style of living, age, dieting habits or even physical condition, your body may need more or less protein than the average recommended amount. Pregnant women, for example, need a significantly higher amount of protein (70g) to help support their pregnancy. Athletes, children, vegetarians and vegans all should pay close attention to the amount of protein they intake. For the best advice on how much protein you should consume daily, consult your doctor for their professional advice based on your lifestyle.

Should I Consider Using a Protein Powder?

When looking to add a protein supplement to your routine, it is of high importance to first access your protein intake and compare that to your style of living. If you determine that your body isn’t taking in enough protein, then start to do your research on a variety of different supplements and their effects. As with any other over-the-counter product, it is important to understand what you are putting into your body and how it will affect you.

Some of the most common signs that you are not consuming enough protein in your diet include fatigue, a feeling of weakness when performing strenuous activity or a slow recovery speed from muscle soreness or other injuries. Additionally, consider what needs you have in your life. Your protein intake for building muscle mass will be more than if you are trying to manage your weight. Some of the most common situations where you may want to consider adding an all-natural protein supplement to your diet include starting a new fitness program, if you are a teenager who is still growing, amping up your workouts or if you are considering a significant change in your meal plan.

For those looking to capitalize on pure protein intake and minimize the fats and excess calories they may be intaking with their meals, many people turn to using an all-natural whey protein supplement. A whey protein isolate powder provides users with some of the purest forms of protein around while absorbing into your body more quickly to maximize its effects. If you are looking to increase your protein consumption, consider what a 100% natural whey protein supplement from About Time can do for you. At About Time, we focus on creating the purest and cleanest whey protein on the market. No matter what your lifestyle needs, try About Time today and let your body discover the difference.

Proper Protein Requirements for Your Lifestyle

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by Devenee


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