How to change up your BASIC workout!

by Ankur Garg
How to change up your BASIC workout!

Let’s think of MUSCLE EXHAUSTION! Change is good! keeping your muscles confused and twitching is the goal week to week, no need to completely change all of your exercises to get them activated….just try one of these small adjustments and FEEL THE BURN!
– Slow the repetition speed. Take four to eight counts to complete either the positive or negative of the movement- or both parts. thia is called TIME UNDER TENSION and is a great way to shock your muscles into failure. I sometimes do this as a burnout the last 5 reps of the last set of an exercise…just to make sure I am blasted.

-Hold the move at the most challenging point in an isometric contraction. Think of how hard wall sits can be a minute in…that’s what holding at the mid point of a leg press can feel like. Try this on a few body parts and bring back the fatigue to that muscle group!

-Do the moves of an exercise for a certain amount of time instead of a certain amount of reps. This type of circuit training can greatly impact your fatigue factor by using the appropriate amount of weight and perfect form each repetition for time. No cheating, just twitching those muscle fibers past their accustomed rep range!


Benefits of a Home Gym:

If you want to commit to a fitness lifestyle, but your current lifestyle and commitments keep you from getting to the gym, we may have a solution for you. There is a way to make sure you can squeeze in a workout, no matter what life throws at you.

The benefit of having a home gym, is you can just wake up and workout or when you get off work you can work out, you don’t have to go home and get ready go to the gym and then go back home. It is very convenient.

While it is an investment upfront, in the long run owning a home gym can be cost effective and save you money on unused gym memberships.

So where do you start?

 start with a treadmill, that way you get your cardio in and then you can build on after that. Then get yourself some strength equipment, dumbbells and a bench.

By having your fitness equipment ready at home you never have an excuse not to workout.

Once you get into a home fitness routine,  you will be motivated to exercise regularly.

People don’t realize working out is like a drug. When you are done working out you feel amazing. It is a very euphoric confident feeling to workout and you feel better.

So if you’re a person with many daily commitments and can’t make it to the gym all the time, then you may want to consider investing in home gym.

It is important to do proper research on gym equipment. You do not have to buy expensive items for your home gym if you don’t want too. You could buy basic weights and a bench to start off with and then get more equipment, as your financial situation allows for it.


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by Ankur Garg


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