How the Fittest in the World Eat

by Chanel Carter
How the Fittest in the World Eat

How the fittest in the world eat is the question many of us ask regarding athletes. About Time crossfit athlete, Christy Adkins shared with the Washingtonian Magazine that protein intake was the key to fuel her intense training schedule.

As a pro athlete, registered nurse, and personal trainer, Christy stay active all day long, She relies on a meal plan that is high in natural sources of protein, healthy fats, and energy-providing carbohydrate sources. Here is what 1 day of meals  looks like for a world class crossfit athlete.

How the fittest in the world eat

7 AM – Healthy Fats and ABOUT TIME Paleo protein bar

7 AM:I always wake up hungry and ready for coffee right away. Luckily, my husband makes coffee before he leaves the house at 5, so there is some waiting for me. I like to drink it black or with heavy cream if we have it. I love when I have the time in the morning to sit, sip coffee, and eat an About Time Island Coconut protein bar with almond butter. If I’m heading into DC for work, I eat this on my drive.”

how the fittest in the world eat

8 AM – Break the fast with bacon, bacon, and more bacon

8 AM: “I cooked applewood-smoked bacon in a pan, threw in some frozen veggies or the leftovers from dinner, and let them cook in the bacon grease. Then I added three eggs for a delicious scramble.”

11 AM: “After an hour and a half of lifting (five sets of five back squats, heavy double snatches, and snatch pulls), this fuel pack gave me the energy I needed to get through my sets of weighted pull-ups and powers me through a conditioning workout with rowing on the erg, muscle-ups on the rings, and dumbbell clean-and-jerks. The Fuel for Fire packs are just puréed sweet potato, apple, and whey protein. I like that they don’t upset my stomach while giving me the carbs I need without any of the fake stuff like some of the goos and gel packs have.”

How the fittest in the world eat

12:30 PM – Post Workout ABOUT TIME shake

12:30 PM: “My post-workout protein shake—just water and chocolate About Time protein.” Get the perfect single serving size shaker cup like Christy’s

How the fittest in the world eat

2 PM – More natural protein sources and veggies

2 PM: “Lunch was leftovers from dinner last night: grass-fed, organic ground beef purchased from the Organic Butcher, cooked in a no-sugar-added marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s, and served over spaghetti squash.”

how the fittest in the world eat

2:30 PM – Christy’s cup of energy

2:30 PM: “Afternoon coffee with something special added. CrossFit friends and some of my Grid teammates got me hooked on coffee blended with organic butter and coconut oil. Add a tablespoon of each to hot coffee, blend on high, and get a yummy, creamy, high-in-good-fats coffee treat.”

how the fittest in the world eat

5 PM – Who doesn’t love a good PB&J??

5 PM: “I needed a snack to tide me over until dinner. I made an open-face pb&j sandwich with Paleo bread, almond butter, and Crofter’s organic raspberry fruit spread. My mom visited last week and bought this bread for us, but I usually make my own with a really simple recipe that consists of almond flour and eggs.”

how the fittest in the world eat

7 PM – more meat, veggies and carbs

7 PM: “I roasted an organic brined chicken I bought at Trader Joe’s following this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. I used sweet potatoes and a regular onion instead of her suggested veggies. I cooked some more bacon in a pan, then sliced Brussel sprouts in half and tossed them in. I could seriously cook all my vegetables in bacon fat; sometimes I’ll do coconut oil instead, but my true love is bacon.”

how the fittest in the world eat

9:30 PM – Eat to recover with ABOUT TIME Casein Zz Formula

9:30 PM: “Sometimes at night I will have a couple pieces of dark chocolate or some Paleocrunch from Steve’s Club. Almost every night, I make a shake with chocolate About Time nighttime protein, a frozen banana, a spoonful of almond butter, ice, and water. It’s a sweet treat that helps me not wake up hungry in the middle of the night!”

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Read more about Christy’s love for bacon and the full Washingtonian Magazine article on Christy – click here

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by Chanel Carter


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