Beat the Bloat: Don’t Let TOM Get Your Down

by Ankur Garg
Beat the Bloat: Don’t Let TOM Get Your Down

I hear it allllllllll the time from clients, “Well, it’s time of the month, so my weight is up.”  Or, “Ugh.. I’m so bloated.. I hate TOM.”

I get it.. there’s not much we can do to stop mother nature from doing her job (which her job is apparently to make us miserable) but we can do things to control the damage.

  • Get extra sleep.  Chances are you are tired from your hormones being out of sorts and your body doing extra work during this time, so go ahead and plan for an extra 60 – 90 minutes of sleep each night.  This will cut down on your cravings as well and hopefully make you less cranky-pants.
  • Drink a buttload of water.  I don’t know exactly how much truth there is to this, but keep flushing your body with water.  I can’t guarantee it will help a ton, but I can tell you that it can’t hurt!  You should probably be drinking more water anyway :)
  • Make asparagus your BFF.  That will also help keep your system flushed.  Like I said, not sure how much truth there is behind it, but it can’t hurt – asparagus just makes you pee like crazy!!
  • Workout.  If I’m cranky or frustrated running sprints makes makes me feel better, so that’s the first benefit.  But the other is that I recognized a significant decrease of TOM symptoms when I started working out regularly and got fit.  I barely notice when it’s TOM now.
  • Try to curtail carbs.  Yes, I know you are craving chocolate like crazy right now (I’ll get to that,) but try to keep the extra carbs to a minimum.  They will only make you feel even more bloated.  Fill up on lots of lean protein and fibrous veggies.
  • Speaking of fiber, eat it!!!  Add flax to your oats.  Make your fruit in the morning 3 – 4 prunes.  Eat lots of fiber – this will keep you regular.. and we all know it’s easy to get backed up during TOM.
  • Keep some 85% (or more) pure cacao squares on hand.  You will develop a taste for it, and I promise you, after a nibble or two, your cravings will be gone!

What are your tricks to keep TOM from getting You down?
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by Ankur Garg


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