A Crossfit Chick Saves Christmas

by Ankur Garg
A Crossfit Chick Saves Christmas

A CrossFit Chick Saves Christmas is just one of those stories that come across your desk and you can’t help but find a way to share it.  Not because it has much to do with our company or our products; but because this story is just full of good spirit and athleticism.

This past Friday I had a chance to visit the box CrossFit Focus in Pittsburgh, PA. The About Time crew planned a photo shoot with one of our CrossFit athletes and Bryan, the owner, was nice enough to let us use his facility. After the shoot Bryan had a chance to chat with me about an email he sent out earlier in the week about one of his members.

Her name is, Brianna and she is the CrossFit chick who saved Christmas.

Brianna fueling before the WOD

Brianna fueling before the WOD

CrossFit teaches you a lot of things. One of the main goals is to be prepared for anything. There’s a reason why WOD’s are sometimes not posted until the time you get to your box, guys. Prepare for the unexpected and excel through the unknown. When confronted with the unknown or unexpected; while most react, CrossFitters are trained to act.

Brianna –is as national sales rep, and she travels quite a bit. As you can imagine, this makes it a challenge to maintain a regular training schedule. Luckily she is also a fan of the About Time paleo protein bars. Brianna explains how About Time has helped in her programing for training on the road, “I travel across the US for work, going to many different boxes, and I never leave home without my About Time. It’s low in calories, high in protein, and the best tasting bars I ever had. They help me to fuel my body for WOD’s at home and on the road.”

This traveling for work led Brianna to San Francisco, where she dropped by a local box to squeeze in a workout between meetings.

“Class was well under way when I noticed a guy hanging around the front door of the gym. At first, I thought he was just checking out the class. But then I noticed him paying particular attention to the bags and purses lining the floor of the gym where everyone tossed their stuff along the front wall.” Brianna says the guy “kept coming and going as if he was checking to see if anyone noticed him.” That’s when she got really suspicious. “Nobody else noticed him. Then, suddenly, I saw him pick up a couple of bags and a cell phone and start walking out the door.”

That’s when she sprang into action. At CrossFit Focus, Bryan teaches his athletes to train at such a high level, so before Brianna even was aware of what her body was doing, she was already down the street chasing the unknown perpetrator. She easily caught up to speed with him, knocked him to the ground, and wrestled everyone’s belongings from him. He ran off, and Brianna used the adrenaline boost to, as she reports, “totally kill that WOD!”

Fear never set in for Brianna. A task was simply presented to her and in a fraction of a second she acted. The action that saved Christmas for those fellow CrossFitters she just met that day. Can you think of where you would be at this time of the year if your wallet was stolen? How you would stay in touch with everyone waiting on a phone to be replaced? Me either.

Training at CrossFit Focus

Training at CrossFit Focus

Bryan, Brianna’s coach, explained,” I’m very proud of the athlete she has become. I can only imagine how shocked that guy was when he realized a woman was kicking his butt. I’m sure he’ll think twice about stealing from a CrossFit gym. Although I don’t encourage our athletes to act like superheroes, we do discuss three fundamental situational rules: 1) Be alert 2) Be aware 3) Be prepared. We call this ‘Perpetual Preparedness’ and it’s not just about being physically prepared—it’s also about being aware of your surroundings.

These days, an in particular around Christmas time – we are all guilty of being glued to a screen or remain in tunnel vision. We stay focused on our to-do lists, our holiday parties, and too often our electronic devices capture most of our attention. Brianna has learned from Bryan’s style of training, and the CrossFit training in general, that life actually happens around you rather than in front of you.

Because of Brianna’s actions, those strangers she WODed with in San Francisco still have their prized possessions – credit cards, cell phones, cash etc. Their Christmas was saved a lot of trouble by her being alert, being aware, and being prepared.


To see where Brianna trains visit CrossFit Focus Athletes on Facebook or visit their site CrossFit Focus

To see how Brianna stays prepared – check out her favorite fuel source – About Time Paleo Protein Bars 


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by Ankur Garg


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