5 TIPS to Kick Start your Day!!

by Ankur Garg
5 TIPS to Kick Start your Day!!


Every morning is a fresh start. It’s a new day with new opportunities to set yourself up for success! Here are 5 easy ways to kickstart your morning off right, and feel great for the rest of the day!


1- Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up

      Your brain tissue is 75% water. When you wake up you are dehydrated so getting in 8-16 oz. of water as soon as you wake up helps to wake everything up. It kickstarts your metabolism for the day, helps flush out toxins from your body, and starts your whole day in a healthy way. So grab a glass of water first before hitting the coffee machine.

Stretch It Out

   When your body is at rest for so long, you can have morning stiffness and pain in your joints or muscles from laying horizontally for so long. When you stretch in the morning it helps to increase blood flow throughout your body and to your brain! More blood in your brain allows us to feel more awake and have more energy starting our day off right. The morning is a perfect time for you to take 5-10 minutes and focus on yourself, your goals, and the day you have ahead of you. You can do whatever feels comfortable to you- writing, reading, meditating, yoga, etc. Anything that allows you to just breath, focus on yourself and get mentally ready for the day ahead of you.


Eat a Good Protein Filled Breakfast

   We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day- but a lot of time we are on the run and try to grab something quickly which ends up being carb heavy and we don’t get any protein to balance out those carbs. It’s important to eat protein in the morning to keep you feeling full and satisfied until you are able to have your next meal. AboutTime Protein Pancakes are a super quick and amazing way to get in delicious and filling protein and healthy carbs to start your day off on a healthy note. And I mean c’mon…. they’re pancakes! Having portions measured out for breakfast and post recovery can help save you time.


 Journal & Meditate

   We are living in a technology filled, screen heavy world which makes it hard to de-stress and focus on ourselves sometimes.

Pack Your Gym Bag + Essentials

 Getting to the gym after work will be a lot easier if we don’t even have to think about it later on. If you go ahead and pack your gym bag in the morning and throw it in your car or leave it right by the door at home, it will be one less thing that stands in your way of getting to the gym and getting your sweat on. The afternoon you will thank the morning you for getting it ready ahead of time.  Also, packing your pre-workout, shaker cup and BCAAs recovery supplement will help motivate you as well. Sitting in the office all day can be mentally and physically exhausting. Taking pre-workout on your way to the gym after work can give you that extra kick to complete your workout. Will pre-workout keep you up all night? Not AboutTime Pre-Workout! Our pre-workout is very unique beyond the fact that it too is not filled with artificial ingredients like many of the others you will see on the market. When looking at a typical pre-workout, you will see a lot of caffeine, sugar or artificial sugar to give you that boost. Many give you much more than a “boost”; you may begin to feel a bit itchy and shaky. What is happening is nitric oxide is being produced and pumping blood into the muscles, which is a good thing, but should be in moderate amounts. In the AboutTime pre-workout, we use a natural form energy obtained from beet powder.  Naturally sweetened again with stevia, this product is great for both genders. If you are sensitive to any kind of added energy or caffeine.



by Ankur Garg


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