Warm Vanilla Latte

by Devenee
Warm Vanilla Latte

This flavorful warm vanilla latte is a comforting, creamy drink for anyone who can’t have or doesn’t like hot cocoa or who may be looking to change things up a bit

warm vanilla latte

10 oz unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop About Time vanilla whey protein isolate

1 T instant coffee

1 t vanilla extract

1/2 packet Stevia

Dash of cinnamon

Garnish- dash of cinnamon

Place all items except for garnish into a small sauce pot. Mix well. Place sauce pot on your stove with low heat. Continuously stir the liquid as it heats, this will help the protein from cooking and curdling. Heat the liquid till warm not hot. Pour into a small coffee cup. Sprinkle garnish of cinnamon on top. Enjoy

You can swap out protein flavors for different tastes. I also used our pumpkin spiceprotein with pumpkin spice seasoning instead of cinnamon) for a pumpkin latte

you can use chocolate too or a healthier cocoa. I would add a little cocoa powder to it and use 10 oz of unsweetened almond milk

try a new flavor blend too.Think banana coconut cream using our banana isolate and coconut almond milk or chocolate covered strawberries using our strawberryprotein and chocolate almond milk

one serving equivalent to:

Carbs Fats Protein
1.0 4.0


Warm Vanilla Latte

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by Devenee


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