Kiwi Coconut frozen yogurt

by Devenee
Kiwi Coconut frozen yogurt


4 oz plain Greek yogurt

1 small banana, frozen and sliced

2 large fresh kiwis, peeled and sliced

1 1/4 scoops About Time Peaches n Cream Whey isolate

1/2 c light coconut milk, frozen

1 packet Stevia

Place all items in the blender until smooth. Pour into 4 containers with out lids. Freeze 30 minutes. Mix each yogurt then refreeze another 30 minutes- serve. Yields 4- 1/2 c servings

You can have this as a smoothie also, just don’t freeze and add water or milk of your choice


Per serving:

calories- 96

fat- 1 g

Carbs- 10 g

Protein- 11.75 g


Approved by Sean Marszalek SDC Nutrition, Inc




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by Devenee


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