Homemade Jam

by Devenee
Homemade Jam

This Homemade Jam is super simple to make and tastes so amazing. On top of it, it’s loaded in protein and Omega 3’s

Homemade Jam


1 cup Strawberries- I used frozen as it’s November

1 c Blueberries-  I used frozen as it’s November

1/4 c chia seeds

1 scoop Strawberry About Time whey protein Isolate

1 t vanilla extract- pure

1 stevia packet

2 dashes of salt

In a small sauce pot place the frozen berries. Over medium-low heat cook the berries until soft enough to mash. Once heated enough remove from the heat. (the berries should not be piping hot) Using a potato masher (or a fork) mash the berries to a semi rough state. (some chunks but mostly mashed).

Add the vanilla and stevia, mix. Add the whey isolate and stir well. Add the chia seeds until incorporated. Pour mixture into a mason jar or what ever you want to store the jam in. Let sit in the refrigerator until the jam sets up. I let mine sit 24 hrs but it was one well in advance.

TIP*- you can add more stevia if you want it sweeter. You can use any kind of berries, oranges, apples etc. Fruits with skin, I would peel first then dice. (make sure they are de-seeded too)

TIP* Try different extracts or flavors of proteins or added spices to make different flavor versions

yield ~3/4 cup = 12 Tbsp, serving size = 1 Tbsp

One serving equivalent to:

Carbs Fats Protein

Homemade Jam

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by Devenee


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