Hazelnut Hot Cocoa

by Devenee
Hazelnut Hot Cocoa

This Hazelnut Hot Cocoa is AMAZING! A splendid flavor from the ground hazelnuts and not overwhelming from the cocoa, this recipe is great when you want to relax on a cold day in front of a fire.

Hazelnut Hot Cocoa


1 1/2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 c hazelnuts

1 scoop About Time chocolate whey protein isolate

3 T honey

2 T cocoa powder

1 t pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean

2 dashes salt

2 dashes cinnamon

Cover hazelnuts in hot water just until they are covered, (no more than 1/2 c) if they begin to float place a small bowl on top of them so they stay covered. You can soak them overnight if you wish, if not 20 minutes or longer will do the trick.

Add the hazelnuts and the water into your blender, blend until smooth. Add the almond milk, cocoa, protein and salt, blend. Pour mixture in a small sauce pan. Add the honey. Gently begin to heat over a medium low flame, continuously stirring until heated and frothy on top. Add the cinnamon and give a final stir.

I garnished mine with a few shavings from a piece of dark chocolate and a little bit of unsweetened coconut. You can use these or try coconut whipped cream, whipped mascarpone cheese with Stevia or a few crushed hazelnuts

TIP* if you love love love chocolate, try using chocolate almond milk instead of the vanilla, you can always add more cocoa powder or even add real shaved chocolate to the mixture as it’s heating. Yields 4 servings

1 serving is equivalent to:



Hazelnut Hot Cocoa




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by Devenee


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