Happy Hour Pumpkin-Tini

by Devenee
Happy Hour Pumpkin-Tini

This Happy Hour Pumpkin-Tini is an amazing drink hot or cold. You can serve this as an alcoholic or non alcoholic drink. I serve this every Thanksgiving and it’s a hit

Happy Hour Pumpkin-Tini


8 oz Apple cider

2 oz Acai or cranberry- type juice

1 scoop About Time Pumpkin Spice protein

1 T lemon Juice

1/8 t cinnamon


Shake and pour over crushed ice, or heat and serve warm with either a cinnamon stick garnish or a mint leaf- serves 2



carbs-19 g

protein-12.5 g


Any spiced rum, Crown royal or darker type of whiskey will work well in the recipe if you want to add alcohol


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by Devenee


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