Eating On The Fly

by Jessica Maurer
Eating On The Fly

In addition to being a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I am a traveling fitness educator who eats on the fly, literally. This means that I fly on weekends to share new health and fitness educational programs with fitness professionals around the nation. When I started this career, I traveled without prepared food, which resulted in a lot of fast food and bad eating decisions. So now, I share with you some of my favorite traveling habits.

I always make sure I eat a solid breakfast. My favorite is Old-Fashioned Oatmeal.

Eating On The Fly

Oats are an excellent source of fiber and a high carb fuel source to keep you full longer

  • Boil 1 cup of water and add ½ cup of dry oatmeal.
  • Add in a drizzle of honey, sprinkle of raisins, some ground flax seeds, and other toppings of choice.
  • Make sure you stir the oatmeal until all of the water is absorbed.
  • Remove from the pot and add a TBSP of natural peanut butter and 1 TBSP of About Time VE vanilla.

Voila! Breakfast is served. This can be made ahead of time in a larger quantity and stored in containers for future servings. Just pop in a microwave for a warm bowl or it’s even delicious cold.


Eating on the Fly

Coconut water is a delicious alternative to high sugar juices to keep you hydrated on the fly

While at the airport, I always indulge in a coconut water to stay hydrated. Typically, I bring my own fruit for the flight, so that I don’t have to eat the super salty peanuts on the plane; If you forget, most airports now offer fresh fruit at the snacks kiosk. Before you board the plane, grab an apple or banana to get you through the flight.

Eating on the fly

Love finding a fresh fruit stand

Typically, there is not a lunch break during the certification courses I teach. I make sure to always be prepared with my About Time VE shake. For this trip, I forgot to bring my shaker bottle, so I used an empty bottle and some West Soy unsweetened soy milk to mix. Many coffee shops now offer alternative milk sources you can purchase to mix up your shake instead using of plain water.

In addition to the shake, I have an About Time fruit, nut and protein bar, like Pecan Pie. The shake and the bar give me the energy to finish the day long certification.


Eating on the Fly

A complete meal featuring whole grain carbs, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein will surely help you recovery and refuel after a long day of traveling

For dinner, I bring a Tupperware container filled with my meal. For this travel day I have:

  • brown rice
  • raw cashews
  • raw almonds
  • dried cranberries
  • steamed asparagus
  • spinach
  • I mixed all of this with a small amount of miso dressing.

Because of the work schedule, I am usually eating this on the way back to the airport or to the hotel, if I am staying overnight. If I am heading back to the airport, I try to make sure I have some fruit to snack on during the last hour on the plane. Grapes are my favorite!

Years of being a traveling fitness educator has taught me that containers and zip lock bags are a must have when on the road. Make sure you have extra snacks with you! Grapes, nuts, dried fruit, and About Time bars and protein powders are vital to making sure you make smart decisions while traveling.

Eating on the Fly

Recycle! Any empty bottle can later be your protein shaker cup

Need more meal ideas to take on the road? Check out Tasty Thursday on the TDF Community ( for more ideas!

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by Jessica Maurer


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