Coconut Bread

by Devenee
Coconut Bread

This Coconut Bread is a great breakfast or brunch item or just a snack food. All clean ingredients, moist and tender too. A MUST MAKE recipe! Try adding fruit zest for added flavor or variations.

Coconut Bread

2 1/2 c coconut milk

1 1/3 unsweetened coconut

1 c sunflower seeds- churn into sunbutter

3 scoops About Time Cinnamon Swirl whey protein isolate

2/3 c coconut flour

1/2 c coconut oil- not melted

1/3 c golden flax meal

2 T stevia

2 T green pea flour

1 T Pure vanilla extract

2 t baking powder

1 t cinnamon

3/4 t salt

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray 2 bread loaf pans with non stick spray, line then with wax paper, spray the wax paper well with non stick spray. Set aside.

Place sunflower seeds into a food processor and churn until they begin sticking to the wall. once this happens add 1/2 c coconut milk and vanilla extract to them and churn until smooth

In a medium mixing bowl add: protein, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, stevia, coconut flour, flax meal and green pea flour. Mix well. Add the coconut oil, using a pastry blender mix in the oil until it’s broken down into the dry mix. (don’t have a pastry blender? use your hands :))

Add 1 c coconut to dry mix and fold. Add the sunflower seed mixture to dry mixture, fold together until incorporated. Add the remaining coconut milk and blend in until smooth.

Divide batter between the 2 pans and level batter. top each pan with the remaining 1/3 c coconut flakes.

Place into the oven (middle rack) and bake for 35-40. Don’t remove to early as the middle won’t be cooked. Once completed remove from oven and cool on a wire rack.

Lift loaf out of pan with wax paper handles, place on a cutting. Using a bread knife, gently slice the loaf. ENJOY!

TIP* you can omit the 1/3 c coconut topping and drizzle the cooled cake with a thin icing using  coconut milk, stevia and protein. Just mix them together well and drizzle over cake. allow the icing to air dry

1 loaf makes 12 slices. 1 slice is a serving

1 serving equivalent to:

Carbs Fats Protein
1.5 1.0

Coconut Bread

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by Devenee


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