Cherry Pistachio Rice Krispie Bites

by Devenee
Cherry Pistachio Rice Krispie Bites

These Cherry Pistachio Rice Krispie Bites are AMAZING! A super easy snack that is perfect for any occasion! Try switching up the dried fruit or nuts for a different flavor!

Cherry Pistachio Rice Krispie Bites


5 c Rice Krispies

1/2 c pistachios

1/2 c minced dried cherries

1/2 c almond butter

1/2 c honey

2 scoops About Time Vanilla Whey Protein isolate

2 T flax meal

1 T cinnamon

Place the almond Butter and the honey in a microwave safe bowl or into a sauce pot. Heat until melted and runny

Place all other items into a large mixing bowl, coat with the melted honey and almond butter. Mix well. Using a cookie scoop, press mixture into the scoop well, drop onto a tray. Once all the mix is scooped place cookies in the refrigerator to set. Enjoy.


Add different flavor proteins, nuts or dried fruits to vary flavors. you can also use different nut butters  and sweeteners such as molasses or agave nectar


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by Devenee


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