Two-Bite Pumpkin Cookies

by Devenee
Two-Bite Pumpkin Cookies

Another great antioxidant filled ingredient is PUMPKIN! Loaded in fiber and flavor, pumpkin is a fantastic ingredient to use on baked goods to replace calorie laden fats like butter and oil. Try these Two-Bite Pumpkin Cookies and taste for yourself.


3/4 c whole wheat flour

1/2 c Almond Flour

1- 5 oz plain Greek yogurt

1/2 c canned pumpkin

2 scoops About Time Pumpkin Spice Protein

8 packets Stevia

1 t baking powder

1 t cinnamon

1/2 t ginger

dash of cloves

Mix dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix pumpkin and yogurt in another bowl. Pour wet ingredients into dry and fold just until blended.


I separate this into 4 small batches and add different toppings


1 oz unsweetened coconut or

1/2 oz each almonds and dried cranberries or

1/2  oz each fresh apple (small dice) and raisins or

1 oz carob chips

or any variety you can come up with. Pre heat oven to 325 degrees. Use a light colored cookie sheet. spray with non stick spray. Drop cookies by the spoonful onto tray. each small batch makes 7-8 cookies. entire recipe yields 30 cookies.

bake on middle rack for 10 mins. remove – cool on a wire rack. enjoy!


on average these are:

calories- 40

protein- 4g

carbs- 4g

fat- 1g




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by Devenee


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