Spicy Pumpkin veggie Stir fry- for 1

by Devenee
Spicy Pumpkin veggie Stir fry- for 1

Thanks Megan Leake for this recipe!

Chicken (or Beef) Spicy Pumpkin Veggie Stir-fry for 1

-EVOO spray- (extra virgin olive oil)
-1/4 c onions (sliced or diced)
-1/2 c Broccoli
-5 asparagus spears
-1.5oz (about 5-6)baby carrots
-2Tbsp Salsa (organic and can range in spice depending on heat tolerance)
-1/4c pumpkin (organic canned)
-4oz slow cooked chicken( should just fall apart, chicken breasts in crockpot for 6 hours) or substitute 3oz top round beef(slow cooked in crockpot for 4-6 hrs)
– crushed red pepper (to taste)
– garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste

Small skillet sprayed with the olive spray just to coat the bottom, turn on low/medium heat, add 1/4c onions and broccoli (cut into small pieces), let cook for about 3-5 mins, add asparagus(break the spears in half) and chopped carrots and add crushed red pepper and salsa, let cook for another 5 mins while stirring to make sure carrots are cooking and flavors are evenly distributed. Than take 4oz cooked, shredded chicken (or 3oz shredded beef) and add to the veggie mixed, stir the chicken in just to heat with the veg mixture, add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste, stir seasoning around, than immediately add the pumpkin and stir in evenly, let everything cook for another 5 mins and than place on low/medium simmer for and extra 3mins.

Calories-215 (makes one serving)
Protein- 29g
Carbohydrates- 20g
Fats- 3g
Saturated fat- 1g

Approved by Sean Marszalek, CEO SDC Nutrition inc

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by Devenee


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