Raspberry Lemon Cakes

by Devenee
Raspberry Lemon Cakes

These Raspberry Lemon cakes are so yummy! They can be eaten for breakfast with some Greek Yogurt or served with a fruit sorbet and served as a dessert

Raspberry Lemon cakes

3/4 c unsweetened almond milk

1/2 c coconut flour

2 scoops About Time Vanilla whey protein isolate

2 T coconut oil- melted

2 T unsweetened carob chips

1 t vanilla extract

1/2 t baking powder

1/2 t baking soda

1/4 t salt

2 Stevia packets

zest from 1 lemon

Juice from 1 lemon

1/2 c fresh raspberries


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line a muffin tin with 10 liners and spray liners with non stick spray.

In a mixing bowl, blend together the coconut flour, vanilla whey isolate, baking powder, baking soda, salt, Stevia, carob chips and lemon zest. In a separate bowl add the vanilla, lemon juice and the berries, mash with a fork just until they break down. (Some chunks are okay) Melt the coconut oil and add to the dry. Blend into the dry mix. Add the unsweetened almond mix to the dry mix and blend in until batter consistency forms.

Using a small cookie scoop, place 1 slightly heaping scoop of batter in the bottom of the 10 liners, spread slightly with a fork. Top each with a teaspoon of the raspberry mix. Repeat the scoop of batter of top for all 10 cakes again and slightly spread and top each with the remaining berry mix.

Bake for 12 minutes, turning half way through. remove from oven and allow to sit in the muffin tray for 1-2 minutes. Remove and place on a cooling rack. Do your best to allow them to cool :)


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by Devenee


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