Metabolic Meals for Breakfast

by rita catolino
Metabolic Meals for Breakfast

I am sure you have heard the term “Metabolic” used in terms of body, food or training at some point. The word is derived from Metabolism which is essentially a complex process that our body goes through to turn our food into energy. Metabolism isn’t a “standard” mechanism that reacts and works the same for everyone. There are many factors that affect this “fat burning process” including lifestylesedentary or active, age, weight, hormones, and most importantly, food choices.

The more you eat the right foods, train the right way and respect other lifestyle choices, the better your metabolism will be; which in turn can allow you to eat more without gaining weight. What? Did she just say eat more to lose weight? I know it seems contradictory, but believe it or not, a starvation diet will slow down your metabolism to a point where even just a few hundred calories will not be able to be burned effectively because the “fire” that is your metabolism isn’t being stoked.

In my last 3 posts, we talked all about the 3 macro nutrients ; protein, fats and carbs. Although their are no “magic” foods, picking certain foods that fall under these categories and incorporating them into your life will definitely help keep your metabolism revving by contributing the right minerals, essential fatty acids and fibre that will help with energy, satiation, as well as of course keeping a healthy metabolism. Making sure your plate (tupperware or shaker cup) has protein with every meal will ensure you are making the best of your metabolism, as protein has been proven to raise metabolic function, and a diet that meets your specific protein needs (as seen in our protein blog post), will help you put on muscle which in turn will allow your metabolism to increase — see more here

Lets start with the “KING” of all meals, Breakfast. “Breaking the fast” is a great opportunity for you to stoke the fire with some logs. Yes, adding food to your body will help it burn the food and turn it into energy needed to function. The great thing about breakfast is that EVERYONE, no matter your lifestyle (Intermittent faster, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, bulletproof coffee follower) believes in eating breakfast- they may just disagree on the time of day to do so, or the foods in which they should break their fast with. In my opinion, using foods from each macronutrient- carbs, fats and protein- is a great way to start your nutritional day. Whether plant or animal based, making sure you set up your day for success is optimal in creating a healthy metabolism.

Of the 3 macronutrients, protein is noted for having the most “metabolic boosting” properties through thermogenesis – or “fat burning”. Hence the importance of ingesting enough protein. Pairing it with a fat and a carbohydrate will fulfill your fiber needs, and make sure you are receiving a plethora of different minerals and nutrients to help with anti-aging, energy, body composition, waste removal, etc.

The easiest way for me to get in my protein with a crazy morning of kids to school, making lunches, answering calls and getting mentally prepared to smash my workout (which also boosts metabolism) is through a protein shake (see my favorite below). I personally love the vegan versions – they sit better with my digestion, but many of my clients and friends enjoy the amazing whey flavors available too.Throwing in a bunch of things into a blender, having it taste great, meeting my macronutrient needs, grabbing and drinking in the car is a win-win situation. I love choosing a bunch of metabolic boosters, including caffeine and adding them to the shake ; my one stop metabolic boosting smoothie (see recipe below).

Other great options are eggs, easy grainless pancakes, or a slice or 2 of my pre-made apple loaf!

  Rita’s BeautyFuel Apple Loaf

Rita's favorite "Break the Fast" loaf

Rita’s favorite “Break the Fast” loaf

  • 3 large eggs (free range) or 2 large eggs or ¼ cup egg whites
  • 1 scoop of About Time Cinnamon Swirl Vegan Protein Powder
  • 1 cup organic apple sauce
  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • ¼ cup pure organic coconut flakes (optional)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp baking powder
  • cinnamon to taste
  • dash of pure vanilla extract


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Mash coconut oil and apple sauce in bowl.
  3. In a separate bowl whisk eggs and add to apple sauce mixture with vanilla and cinnamon. Mix together.
  4. Mix in coconut flour, protein powder and baking powder. Add optional coconut flakes.
  5. Spoon into loaf pan. Decorate top of loaf with sliced apples.
  6. Bake for approximately 20-25 minutes until edges are golden and toothpick comes out clean.1 scoop Vanilla Vegan About Time protein

The BeautyFuel Metabolic Booster Smoothie

  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (vegan or whey)
  • 4-6 ounces of water
  • 6 ounces pre-made coffee cold
  • 1 tbsp of almond butter
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • handful of ice cubes
  • cinnamon to taste (optional)


  1. Blend the protein in the water until smooth.
  2. Add the coffee, banana and ice. Keep blending until desired consistency is achieved. add the almond butter


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by rita catolino


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