Chocolate Chip Cookie Assortment

by Devenee
Chocolate Chip Cookie Assortment

This homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Assortment are AMAZING tasting! I made them 3 different ways by switching up the protein flavors and adding a small garnish on top

chocolate chip cookie Assortment


2 T coconut spread

2 T coconut oil

1 T Greek yogurt, plain

1 T molasses

1 T vanilla extract

1/4 c coconut flour

1 scoop About Time protein, I used vanilla or strawberry or chocolate ( I added 1 T cocoa powder to the chocolate batch too)

1 t flax meal

2 squares chocolate shaved

1/4 t salt

3 Stevia packets


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray a light colored baking sheet with non stick spray. This recipe makes 1 batch- 10 cookies. I made 3 separate batches and used a different flavor protein in each.

In a medium mixing bowl add the coconut spread, coconut oil and Greek yogurt. Cream together well. Add the vanilla extract and molasses and mix in.

In a separate bowl mix together the coconut flour, protein salt, flax meal and Stevia. Add to the coconut oil mixture. mix well.

Shave the chocolate with a knife, fold into your batter. Using a small cookie scoop, fill and drop cookies on the baking sheet. Press with the palm of your hand to flatten slightly to a fifty cent piece size. Bake for 8 minutes, turning tray half way through.. when completed remove from tray, cool and enjoy

for the variations, the strawberry batch i dipped the top of each scooped batter ball into unsweetened coconut before pressing flat and the chocolate I dipped into sliced almonds


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by Devenee


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